Summary of the match Mazatlan vs. Puebla (2-4). GOALSHalftime

A beating drum was the start of the Puebla in the Opening 2022 that this Friday entered the Kraken Stadium to beat Mazatlan FC 4-2 in the first duel played on Day 1.

Nicolás Larcamón’s painting showed that it follows packedgetting into the Sinaloa coast and accounting for some Cañoneros that they conceded two goals very quickly and couldn’t get upalthough in the end they pressed and were close.

Gabriel Caballero’s men have a lot to improve on, since errors in the first half killed them, and although they tried hard in the complementary part, they simply couldn’t catch up with their rival.

just at minute 5 Israel Reyes scored the 1-0 of the night. Stopped ball and ended up sending it to save it. At first, the assistant referee, Enrique Isaac Bustos, raised the flag and scored out of place, which was allowed by the whistler, Daniel Quintero. It was in the VAR where it was confirmed that the ball, before Reyes’ goal, hit Carlos Vargas and the 1-0 was considered good.

Mazatlán FC barely settled in, Nicolás Benedetti lost the ball, it fell to Fernando Aristeguietawho at 14′ shot so that Nicolas Vikonis saves. He did not fail on the rebound and increased the advantage.

So they went to break. Starting the second half, Mazatlán FC got closer to the scoreboard at 46′ when Edward Bello he headed in a cross from Marco Fabián and beat Anthony Silva to make it 2-1.

It seemed that this woke up the Cañoneros until at 58′, Martín Barragán made it 3-1 with his knee in a play with a touch of luck, since Diego de Buen’s header was first, and the nicknamed Poteyo found the rebound to increase the advantage.

Amaury Escoto made it 4-1 at 76′ by scoring inside the area after a long stroke. The Zapopano received and did not fail against Vikonis.

In the final part, the purples tried to wake up and at 85′, the debutant Gabriel López made it 4-2 with a distant shot that deflected the defense from Puebla.

Already in compensation time Barragán fouled Jorge Padilla at 94′ and there was a penalty against favor of Mazatlán FC, however, the VAR rectified and ended up scoring a free kick.

At 98 ‘Vargas made the free kick and Anthony deflected him for a corner kick to leave the final score.

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