Shakira without Piqué by her side, the first happy images of the Colombian singer

Shakira appears reborn after the great pain of separation from Piqué: images of the sea in company.

Credit: Jordi Martin

Credit: Jordi Martin

Life goes on, it has to go on, even if the heart was torn apart by the former partner Pique, even if the last 12 years now no longer seem like a fairy tale but a painful interlude between a before and an after, with the two sons who arrived in the meantime, Milan and Sasha, respectively 9 and 7 years old, in the middle. Planetary success and fame, Grammy Awards, boundless wealth: per Shakira everything went into the background when the obstacles of the heart put the 45-year-old Colombian on the same level as many less famous people who suffer for love.

Since the beginning of the year it has been a slow agony for the relationship between the Latin American music star and the Barcelona defender, with him further and further away and she trying to keep something that was now permanently broken. Couples therapy? No, thank you, Piqué replied, increasingly entering the order of ideas to separate his path from Shakira’s. The footballer has often been spotted leading a single life on Catalan nights with teammate Riqui Puig, until he discovered his betrayal with a 22-year-old: that was the point of no return in the eyes of Shakira and from there to the release on the separation has just arrived.

Shakira and Piqué happy, it was 2019

Shakira and Piqué happy, it was 2019

Since then the Colombian, after putting the player away from home, who has returned to live in his bachelor house, has tried to put her life back together, diving back into work – with the release of a new song and various television appearances – and dedicating himself to his children, who risk becoming the reason for the dispute with Piqué, firmly opposed to having their mother take them to Miami and thus remove them from the Barcelona environment where they grew up.

Shakira never accepted by Piqué’s circle: they had given her a contemptuous nickname

But now for the first time, where Piqué has already been photographed in Sweden with what should be his new flame, Shakira is also paparazzi in moments of her private life that testify how a ray of sunshine is making its way into her sky. The journalist Jordi Martin, of the program ‘El gordo y la flaca’, has captured the Colombian on vacation with her children in her house on the beaches of Cantabria – in the north of Spain – practicing one of the sports that most passionate them, surfing (in the video below all the shots).

Exactly one year ago Shakira was in that same house spending the holidays with Piqué and now she is only there with her children. In the images you can see the singer smiling on the board that plows the waves, without noticing that someone is photographing her. In one photo she is seen happy with a man, who according to the reporters of the program should be her surf instructor. It’s time to turn the page for the Colombian: Piqué is now the past.

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