Ricardo Salinas assures that having a team in Liga MX is not business

Ricardo Salinas Pliegothe owner of Mazatlan FC and of Pueblalashed out again at the MX Leaguebecause it ensures that being part of Mexican soccer it’s not a businessbecause also the people of the country lack the resources so that the circuit is one of First world.

Critical and frontal as he is, he hinted that home football is for ‘poor’because the fans do not have the status to pay what in other countries, from having modern, functional settingswith the addition that to see the teams, you also have to disburse.

“The only place where the soccer business is profitable is where the television rights cost a lot, because they are sold to pay television; and where the tickets to the stadium are very expensivebecause they are super luxury stadiums, which are for rich people, and in Mexico does not have super luxury stadiums and we do not have rich people; then we have shitty tickets and the television stations pay you the rights with what they can sell advertising, it has always been a lose and lose and lose business”, he said in an interview with Roberto Martínez and asserted that his foray into this niche only brought him complications.

Moses (Sheba) he bought the teams and since then it has been a fucking problem, one after another, because people have this idea that millions and millions are handled in football; and what happens, the technicians earn millions and millions, players still earn millions and millions, and team owners are the ones who lose the millions and millionsAnd it’s not enough.”

Trade with more teams

Meanwhile, the communications tycoon, to the surprise of his commentator, Christian Martinolibecause he did not know that they will no longer transmit to the Ray by Aztec Sportsin its Twitter reported on the teams to which they have rights.

“I am going to clear up the rumors that we are not going to broadcast soccer on @AztecaDeportes. Today we have the transmission rights of the Mazatlan, Puebla, Chivas, Santos and Atlas… they left Juarez and Necaxa. We are negotiating with other teams, so there will surely be a lot to see.”

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