reality vs. AI: This is how the great Hollywood actors should have aged according to an app

Do apps that serve to age you really work? We look at the older actors to see how they appear on the app and what they’re like in reality.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It helps us bring the characters of our favorite books to life. It creates situations that until then only existed in our imagination. And it shows us how we will be in a few years. But, how reliable is it? Is he really right with all those changes in appearance? Let’s put it to the test.

We’ve selected some of the biggest Hollywood stars and used an image from their youth to put it through FaceApp’s age filter and see how it would look on them over time. We have compared the result of the application with its real appearance today and thus we can see how many times it has been successful and with whom it has failed miserably.

And we don’t hide it, in some cases the result of the app is so similar to reality that we have been a bit scared. This is what has happened, for example, with Liam Neeson and Mel Gibson, whose current face is almost exactly like the one FaceApp offers us. However, on other occasions it has nothing to do with it. For example, he has not managed to get the point of John Travolta, who, despite not having the hair that the tool says, has aged much better.

This is the situation that has occurred most among interpreters. The vast majority of Hollywood actors take care of themselves (and a lot) physically, so life has treated them more favorably than it was supposed to. Michelle Pfeiffer or Geena Davis are the best examples, but also Jamie Lee Curtis, who in real life has much more personality than the one collected by Artificial Intelligence. That also has a lot to do with appearance.

Here we leave you with all our examples. On the left, the simulation of its aging in the application. On the right, as they really are.

Bruce Willis

Reality has treated Bruce Willis much better than the app assumes. The Jungle Glass actor has far fewer wrinkles than Artificial Intelligence gives him.

Clint Eastwood

In this case, the app has greatly respected the actor, although you have to think that the good old Clint Eastwood has already turned 92 years old and that, perhaps, this AI tool has been a few years behind. In any case, Eastwood has not kept all that hair.

Sharon Stone

While the app has aged Sharon Stone beautifully, it fails to capture how well the actress has done over the years. That great aura of the protagonist of Mosaic escapes the AI.

John Travolta

John Travolta it’s a long, long way from how the app says it should have aged. In real life she has lost her hair, okay, but she has a much more youthful face than the AI ​​​​proposes.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The truth is Jamie Lee Curtis He has aged practically the same as what the application says, but in reality he has much more personality and character, something that escapes Artificial Intelligence.

Liam Neeson

This is a case of ‘Spot the 7 differences’. Liam Neeson It has aged almost the same as the AI ​​says it would age and it has caused us a bit of fear.

Mel Gibson

Like his partner Neeson, Mel Gibson has aged in a very similar way to the one proposed by this tool. Same hair, same wrinkles, same look.

Tom Hanks

For Tom Hanks, the app glitches a bit. In the photo on the left (the one with the AI), the Big actor has dark circles under his eyes and a slightly more disheveled appearance than he does in real life. Hanks is a gentleman, something he hasn’t picked up the tool for.

michelle pfeiffer

We could say that michelle pfeiffer It has greatly improved what the application proposes. Of course, it helps that she now has a much more up-to-date hairstyle than the one in the photo.

meg ryan

Meg Ryan has a much more youthful appearance than one might assume from the AI ​​app version. As with Pfeiffer, the change of hair helps – and also the occasional touch-up.

Geena Davis

Geena Davis has far surpassed its version in the tool. The Bitelchús actress does not have that tired look and, in her place, she has a much more cheerful appearance.

meryl streep

What can we say about the queen of Hollywood herself? Meryl Streep is one of the best examples that birthdays can be a real gift. The actress is much better off in real life than on the app.

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