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    The wait has been long, but ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, the film starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman that faces gods with an almost Wagnerian threat, finally hits theaters. We spoke with its protagonist about this titanic film, which tells how, while Thor is searching for himself in space, Valkyrie reigning in New Asgard and Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir as the new goddess of thunder, Gorr appears to exterminate all the gods. In addition, we offer the most complete information about the film directed by Taika Waititi with an interview with Victoria Alonso, executive producer of Marvel Studios, who gives us all the keys to the new installment.

    Another of the most powerful releases of the month is that of ‘The Invisible Agent’, a fast-paced thriller starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas that comes to Netflix to become the first installment of one of the most powerful franchises on the platform.

    The little ones in the house can prepare popcorn to go to the rooms to see ‘Minions: The Origin of Gru’, new installment of the animated film saga that tells the story of the villain adored by the Minions. It is set in the 1970s when a 12-year-old teenage Gru and a die-hard fan of the supervillain group ‘The Savage Six’ creates a plan to prove to them that he is evil enough to work with them. Gru, again with the voice of Florentino Fernández in his Spanish version, is helped by the Minions with whom he will join to build his first lair, design his first weapons and carry out his first missions.

    For the most exquisite palates, they premiere ‘Men’a film starring Jessie Buckley that analyzes toxic masculinity; ‘Bergmann’s Island’, the new from the always impressive Mia Hansen-Love; either ‘bless’directed by Terrence Davies and starring Jack Lowden, one of the British actors with the most potential on the international scene.

    The billboard, moreover, is also filled with Spanish names with the premiere of ‘Father there is only one 3’, a new installment of the franchise created and starring Santiago Segura and in which Toni Acosta, with whom we spoke in this issue, once again plays the long-suffering mother of the family. In addition, Antonio de la Torre makes the international leap with the French thriller ‘Between life and death’.

    Our Multiscreen section opens with the shooting of ‘I don’t like to drive’, a series directed by Borja Cobeaga for TNT and whose cast is led by Juan Diego Botto and David Lorente. Another essential television title this month is ‘By command of heaven’a police thriller starring Andrew Garfield in the purest ‘True Detective’ style.

    All this and much more in our July issue, now on your newsstand.

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The Goddess of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Natalie Portman returns to the Marvel superhero universe in the hands of Taika Waititi with the powerful and magical hammer Mjolnir. We talked to her about the long-awaited movie in which she stars alongside Chris Hemsworth.


The birth of a franchise

Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas star ‘The invisible agent’, which is expected to be the first installment of a new spy film franchise based on the literary saga of Mark Greaney and with the Russo brothers in the direction. We tell you everything you need to know before seeing one of the most anticipated premieres of Netflix.


Jack Lowden: a British promise

We chatted with the actor on the occasion of the premiere of the essential ‘bless’, by Terrence Davies, where he stands out with a role full of nuances and repressed feelings. Don’t lose track of him!


The international jump of Antonio de la Torre

The actor who has received the most nominations at the Goya Awards debuts outside our borders with ‘Between life and death’, a dark French thriller in which, once again, he demonstrates prodigious versatility. He himself tells us about the experience in this interview.


Toxic masculinity according to Jessie Buckley

After being nominated for an Oscar for ‘The Dark Daughter’, the actress (and now also a singer), returns to theaters with ‘Men’an intimate drama with hints of horror that dissects toxic masculinity and tells us the details.


‘Minions: The origin of Gru’ arrives

We have had to wait two years, but they are here. This is the new adventure that brings together the henchmen and the top-grossing evil genius in animated films.


Trip to ‘Bergman’s Island’

Mia Hansen-Love explores the ties between art and life in this new film, starring Tim Roth and Vicky Krieps, set in Faro, Sweden.

The FOTOGRAMAS newsroom commemorates the centenary of the prolific director’s birth by choosing his 10 best films, from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ to ’10, The Perfect Woman’, without forgetting classics such as ‘Víctor o Victoria?’. What is your favourite?


The queen of Spanish comedy

Tony Acosta returns to theaters this summer with ‘Father there is only one 3’, new installment of the saga created and starring Santiago Segura. We talked to her about the importance of laughter and humor… especially in these times.


Borja Cobeaga gets behind the wheel in ‘I don’t like to drive’

The director reflects the experience of getting his driver’s license at the age of 42 in this series starring Juan Diego Botto and David Lorente, which will arrive very soon on TNT.


Andrew Garfield’s ‘True Detective’

The actor stars ‘By command of heaven’, a police thriller that delves into the depths of the Mormon church and warns of the dangers of fundamentalism. Coming to Disney+ on July 27

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