Mercedes loads the Class A

Mercedes is in the middle of a transition phase towards electric mobility. A strategy that is still in motion and in which there are several vehicles that will disappear from the map. And one of the last ones that has been known to have no continuity is the Mercedes A-Class.

Mercedes has decided to put its efforts into 100% electric and hydrogen models, leaving hybrid models in the background, which will gradually disappear in the coming years.

Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes loads the Class A

However, we already knew that the Class A Sedan, Class B and CLA Shooting Brake They had an expiration date. They are the least sold versions that you have seen as the SUVs they took away all the land and that they do not fit into the electrification plans of Mercedes.

A series of models to which we now know that the A class. According to the German media Handelsblatt, which appeals to sources very close to the head of Mercedes, Wave Kalleniusin the German firm they have decided to do without the A class. The intentions of the premium manufacturer are to focus on models that provide a higher profit margin.

Mercedes focuses on electrification

It must be said that the A class It is one of the most profitable models of Mercedestaking into account that the price of access to the range is above the €40,000. However, in Mercedes they have encountered a very wide range of vehicles. Count on more than 40 options. Y they need trim it to achieve greater viability in the coming years.

One more step in the electrification strategy of Mercedes, which will still have plug-in hybrid variants, but won’t get the same attention as electric cars in the coming years. Models that will be supported by the new mma platform which will premiere in 2024.

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