Kim Kardashian fans have a theory as to why you always wear gloves

Kim Kardashian fans speculate why the influencer always wears gloves in every outfit. The reason would be the need not to show the aging of her hands.

Kim Kardashian she is one of the most famous influencers in the world, who can boast millions of fans who follow her every movement and who, therefore, also hypothesize the reasons why the diva adopts certain behaviors. Among her most talked about choices is that of wearing long gloves for each outfit of her and her fans have advanced a very specific hypothesis about it.

Why does Kim Kardashian cover her hands?

A rather dense exchange took place between some Kardashian fans on Reddit, a site where users can post impressions and comments on a certain news on a forum, and where it was speculated why the diva in her looks is increasingly attentive to add the detail of the gloves. According to the most attentive observers, it is not just a question of style, but of a ploy adopted by the influencer to hide the aging of the hands. Having on several occasions resorted to botox to rejuvenate her face and other parts of her body, Kardashian would be afraid to show her hands because they would reveal her true age and there are no creams to hold, so that the time that passes on can be masked. a part of the body so exposed as, in fact, the hands.

Weight loss for Marilyn’s dress

It wouldn’t be the first extravagance of the influencer who loves to show off her body in its best shape, accentuating its curves and becoming a style icon over the years. It must be considered, on the other hand, that Kim Kardashian has recently lost at least 7 kilos in just over a week to get into the Marilyn Monroe dress, and after the red carpet she would have continued a strict diet, as she told in The Today program, because she realized how important it was to eat healthily, although her family, as revealed by The Sun, seems to be worried about this consistent weight loss that would depend on a series of stresses accumulated by the 41-year-old in recent months : from the filming of the reality show to her being a mother, to the diatribes with her ex up to the love story with Pete Davidson.

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