Kendall Jenner’s dungarees on Instagram are cool

Why is denim still a timeless trend? This fabric has had the ability to evolve over time through the different eras up to 2022. The trend of total jeans combinations has evolved over time passing first from the creation of traditional trousers and then from the rest of the garments such as jackets and shirts. In the years of the Second World War, the creation of a unique piece that would become a cult in the 1950s and 1960s gave a change to denim: the dungarees. In English “overall”, it is designed to provide workers with comfortable, practical and durable clothing. Genderless and with many pockets becomes one of the most popular casual garments, confirms Kendall Jenner who shows off her favorite tracksuit in a shot on Instagram.

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For several weeks now, there has been talk of the end of the relationship between the supermodel and Devin Booker, a player of the NBA. The crisis would have followed the marriage of the Kravis in Portofino, to then mark the end of the relationship which lasted about two years. The rumors about the couple speak of an alleged break between the two, which therefore may not represent a definitive closure of the relationship. If in her private life Kendall always proves to be very reserved, she does not miss the opportunity to reveal her love for a very special retro garment.

Summer fashion 2022: Kendall Jenner’s dungarees are cool

«Never taking my overalls off», writes the model posting a story on Instagram in a total denim outfit. The protagonist of her look is her denim overalls, probably a vintage purchase given the impossibility of discovering the brand! As we know Kendall is a lover of second hand clothes and she has worn them several times even on special occasions, just like the Dolce & Gabbana archive suit sported in Portofino.

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Her denim overalls, on the other hand, are a garment to wear all day log and with the most diverse outfits, combining it with a colorful T-shirt and a pair of sneakers or décolleté to make it more cool. Loose and light-washed, she is worn by Kendall in an oversized green sweatshirt. She completes a no-makeup look and a dazzling smile.

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