Johnny Depp will return to the cinema and will not be like Jack Sparrow

Almost a month after the United States court ruled in favor of Johnny Depp, the actor resumed his artistic career, with the filming of what will be his new movie, which unfortunately for many, It will not be the sixth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, in his iconic role as Jack Sparrow.

after being accused of violence by his ex-wife Amber Heardand that he sued her for defamation and won the trial, the actor is taking a second wind in his career and as this his participation in the film ‘Jeanne du Barry’ is confirmed.

Recently and after his tour with his friend jeff beckthe protagonist of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ was caught traveling to France, where the recording of the film ‘Jeanne du Barry’ will begin, in which she will play Louis XV, due to his fluency in French.

Johnny Depp won the trial for libel

Although many details about the production are unknown, such as the release date and other actors who will be part of the film based on real eventsit is known that it will be screened on the Hulu streaming platform.

This after rumors emerged that Johnny Depp would be wanted by the producers of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and of Disney to be part of a new project, after removing him from the saga when the alleged abuses he committed against AmberHeard, which have already been denied.

Another thing that was denied by the representatives of johnny depp is that he was going to participate in any Disney production, because even during the trial against his ex he mentioned that He would not work with the mouse giant again even if they paid him 300 thousand dollars, since they treated him very badly when he was falsely accused.

Also, this would match the statements you gave Disney producer Jerry Bruckheimer who in the past month of May where he assured that it was not in his plans to resume the relationship with johnny depp. “At the moment, no. The future is yet to be decided.”

Johnny Depp does not want to know about Disney

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