Johnny Depp returns to Disney in Pirates of the Caribbean

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp starred in the most notorious trial of the year

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp starred in the most notorious trial of the year

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When Johnny Depp he won the lawsuit against his ex-wife AmberHeard, In what became the most talked about event in Hollywood, not only was he legally successful, he also, in his own words, somehow got his life back.

At the end of the famous trial, the jury found that Depp was defamed by the actress and provided enough evidence to show that Heard’s statement of domestic violence was false. Thus, he sentenced her to pay 15 million dollars to her ex, 5 of them for punitive damages.

“Six years ago, my life, the lives of my children, the lives of all the people around me and also the lives of all those who for many, many years have supported me and believed in me, changed forever,” he said. Depp’s writing at the conclusion of the trial, “they have given me my life, six years later,” he concluded.

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The actress of Aquaman He will only obtain compensation of 2 million dollars, for defamation against his ex-wife, which the artist must pay him, since while Depp sued Heard for 50 million dollars, she countersued for twice this amount.

Now the words have begun to become reality, as Depp has seen the change in attitude, not only from his followers who no longer doubt him, but he has also gained new followers who see him as a hero of their own story.

We cannot forget that the producers distanced themselves from the actor when Amber’s lawsuits and accusations against Jhonny Depp emerged. Promptly Disneywith whom Depp has made the famous saga of Pirates of the Caribbean he completely turned away from the histrion.

Now Disney has also shown that he trusts the actor, who faced public ridicule before trial.


After, in 2018, when he was accused of domestic violence, the entertainment company decided to remove the image of the actor from the shows in the amusement parks related to Captain Jack Sparrow, it was used again, at least in the Disney Park, located in France.

Since last week, the actor’s face was projected again in the attraction, in addition to Depp’s voice being heard again in the recordings of the place.

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For the actor’s representatives, this was a good sign and shows that Disney believes him again, but remember that Depp assured during the trial that he felt betrayed by the company and that he would never work with them again. Even so, it is not ruled out that the producer will approach Jhonny again in the future so that he dresses again in the suit of the famous pirate. It is also said that the image of the actor will gradually return to the other Disney parks in the world that have an attraction from the film.

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