Johnny Depp must pay ACLU $38,000 in Amber Heard case

So it’s ironic… amber deer lost johnny deppShe lied about donating half of her divorce settlement to the ACLU, the defamation lawsuit was nothing…and now a judge has awarded the ACLU $38,000…and guess who’s paying, not Amber.

Here’s the deal… Johnny’s legal team filed papers with the ACLU and Amber never received the money. According to the ACLU, they had to prepare documents from 1900, which took a long time. The organization asked the judge to order Johnny to pay $86,000 for the time and costs associated with producing the documents.

Johnny’s lawyers called BS and said the bill was “excessive and unreasonable.” The judge sided with Johnny and cut the account in half…so now Johnny owes $38,000.

You know, Johnny won the case Against Amber, so one would think that she would have to pay the costs of going to trial… a trial against Johnny in regards to his defamation case. But that’s not the law, so Johnny has to pay.

The thing is… it seems that Johnny is not going to take it to Matt and he is not going to pay Amber the $8.35 million net judgment. So even if he wins, he keeps the purse with the ACLU.

So, more or less…everyone was screwed.

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