Jessica becomes the Creeper in this Minecraft cosplay

the world of cosplay is fortunate to be able to portray any type of intellectual property or franchise, and cosplay artists are usually very creative when choosing which characters they want to interpret, not only with the costumes they choose, but with the characters themselves, since some are very unexpected, as in the case of the beautiful Jessica Nigri and his interpretation of creeper of Minecraft.

Jessica Nigri has decided to show us a great cosplay of the famous “creeper” of Minecraftbut this one is very attractive, which makes us question how evil these creatures of the night are, making us wonder why anyone would build a shelter to hide from them.

In fact, the cosplay minecraft Jessica Nigrione of the most well-known and talented cosplayers in the business, is truly provocative and full of wit, adding subtle references that are worth a close look.

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The creepers are almost certainly one of the best known enemies of Minecraftso it is one of the most in the minds of the fandom of the game, and the one that we have been able to see today in a very sensual version, thanks to Jessica.

Who has portrayed his iconic green color with a pixelated mask to which he adds a pretty pink bow. In addition, she has dressed in green, to maintain the color palette of the cosplay in keeping with the character, and wears underwear that suggests the presence of something explosive, such as the game’s iconic block of TNT, and the enemy’s ability to explode when the player gets close to it.

Certainly a great cosplay of creeper of Minecraft by the beautiful JessicaIn addition, she has endless other interpretations on her social networks, so we recommend that you take a tour of them so you can see them, and leave her a well-deserved like.

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