Insabi clarifies that a card is not needed to receive medical care

Insabi clarifies that a card is not needed to receive medical care
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On various messaging platforms and social networks, it became viral that a person without social security has to have a Health Institute for Well-being (Insabi) to be served in a medical servicebut the above is false.

Through their social networks, the Insabi informed people that it is not necessary have a “Health Card for Well-being” to be treated; therefore, if you receive a message reporting the card, it is not true.

“It is false that it is necessary to have the Health Card for Welfare for a person without social security to receive medical attention.”

The Insabi He explained that he does not work through affiliations, since medical care is provided directly to the population without rights, through state health services.

  • Remember: if you receive a message or on networks you see information about the card, it is false

What is Insabi?

The Insabi aims to provide and guarantee the provision free of health services, medicines and other supplies associated with people without social security, as well as promoting, in coordination with the Ministry of Health in its capacity as governing body, actions aimed at achieving adequate integration and articulation of the public institutions of the National system of health.

Its functions include:

  • Provide free health services and ensure the supply of medicines and associated supplies and other elements necessary for the care of people without social security, in accordance with the legal instruments that for this purpose are signed with the institutions that are part of the National Health System.
  • Celebrate and propose agreements and other legal instruments of coordination and collaboration with public health institutions, states and municipalities, to ensure compliance with its purpose
  • Propose, to the Ministry of Health, adaptations to the regulatory norms that are necessary in terms of free provision of health services, medicines and other associated supplies

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