Hugh Jackman lights the fuse of the return of Wolverine in Deadpool 3 with a new image

MADRID, 2 Jul. (CultureLeisure) –

Hugh Jackman posted a new image with which he has once again unleashed the rumors about his possible return as Wolverine in the UCM. And as expected, fans have reacted to the enigmatic photograph, suggesting that the protagonist of The Last Showman could reappear as the mutant with the claws. in Deadpool 3 Along with his great friend Ryan Reynolds.

And it is that, since Jackman said goodbye of the mutant of the claws in 2015 with Logan, the film directed by James Mangold, there are not a few fans who are burning with the desire to see the Australian interpreter again as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the image published by the actor on his Twitter account, the protagonist of The Great Showman can be seen looking at his mobile phone with a face of genuine surprise. And that same stunned expression is what has led fans to speculate on the possibility that the protagonist of The Greatest Showman is reading the script for the third installment of Marvel’s loudmouth mercenary.

“Reading that #deadpool3 script like wow… maybe I should put my suit back on. @VancityReynolds come get your boy“says an excited fan.

“Deadpool, ok?”, comments a follower waiting for jackman to come back like Wolverine in the new installment of the loudmouth mercenary by Ryan Reynolds.

“Wolverine IS BACK”, assures a marvelite fan.

“DEADPOOL 3”, comments another Internet user who burns with desire to to see the actor show off his claws again of adamantium once again.

Others are more skeptical about the possibility that Hugh Jackman returns to embody the wildest member of the X-Men.

He will return as Wolverine?” asks an MCU fan expectantly.

Kevin Feige has sent him a direct message“, comments a follower in a jocular tone.

“The image of the phone”, says a user with a funny montage of the zombie variant of Scarlet Witch by Elizabeth Olsen and Professor Xavier by Patrick Stewart.

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