how to get a free wrap, gesture and more for Pride month

Free things! Now that I have your attention I can dedicate myself to telling you little things about Fortnite. Although you better not feel cheated and cheated with all this, since, indeed, I come to talk to you about free things. Specifically, of the cosmetic objects that you can get on the occasion of the celebration of Pride month in the battle royale.

The thing is that your own Epic Games has already announced in its official website everything we needed to know about how to get various items from Fortnite. Next, I leave you with the list of them, how they are achieved and an image where you can appreciate what they look like with your own eyes:

  • The items in question will be available until next June 17
  • You can get them for free directly in the Fortnite item shop
  • The specific list of items is as follows:
    • Four Master Pride Sprays: Proud Heart, Proud Flame, Proud Boogie, and Proud Star
    • Lollipop and rainbow wrapper
    • Gesture Catch the Rainbow
fortnite pride

The truth is that between this type of promotions and the crossovers that are leaking Regarding the recently released Season 3 of Fortnite, It looks like this season is going to give a lot to talk about for good in the coming weeks.

Be that as it may, I can only remind you that I will be extremely attentive to any other promotion that is held within Fortnite and that It can be useful for you to get some free cosmetic items so you don’t have to spend a single buck on them.

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