How many movies have Julia Roberts and George Clooney shot together?

What the cinema has united, let the box office not separate. And for now, the ticket office has been silent forever, because it is seen that the marriage (work, of course) formed by Julia Roberts and George Clooney, is stronger than ever. And we say this because the couple returns to star in a movie together, Journey to paradise.

It is a romantic comedy light, one of those that seems to feel better in summer and in it they play a ex marriage who travels to Bali with the intention of preventing his daughter from marrying and committing the same mistake that they.

You can already imagine it: constants sprints including situations crazy… and all in an idyllic and very summer. What we do not know is if at the end of the film they will realize that they should never have divorced or if they will continue on their own. In the Romantic comedies you never know.

And why do we talk about this couple as a consolidated marriage in the Cinema industry? Because with this they are five the films in which they have coincided in front of the cameras (and one more in which she acted and he produced). Let’s give it a review on their way together:

Ocean’s Eleven

It all started in 2001 with the first film of the saga Ocean’swhere George Clooney gave life to Danny Ocean and Julia Roberts played Tess Ocean, a couple who was also curiously divorced. At least initially, because after a well-orchestrated plan to Steal several casinos in Las Vegas, it seems that between them things could prosper again.

Confessions of a dangerous mind

Just one year after the premiere of Ocean’s Eleven, Julia Roberts and George Clooney they met again in Confessions of a dangerous mind, where in addition to acting, Clooney also directed. This film narrates the incredible double life of chuck barris (played by Sam Rockwell), hit TV producer by day and CIA assassin by night. Neither of them was protagonist of the film, but without a doubt their interpretations improved the quality of it.

Ocean’s Twelve

The first part was so successful that they had to make a second in 2004, where George Clooney and Julia Roberts resumed their roles, this time as a couple happily in love (It was already seen coming after the end of the first part). More thefts, more cheating and a screenplay studied to the millimeter returned to give this film the same success from the first.

the money master

And, until now, this was the last film in which Clooney and Robertsgreat friends in real life, had coincided and that was in 2016. Following the instructions of Jodie Foster, director of the film, gave life to another couple, but this time working, he being the presenter of a television program and she the producer of it. In the filmClooney is kidnapped live by an investor who has gone bankrupt after following the presenter’s advice and Roberts has to investigate a economic scandal in order to save his life.

You see that they can with everything. Romantic comedy, thrillers, dramas…there is no genre that can resist them. An idea for the future: How about one of terror?

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