He turned on the alarms: the greatest fear of Formula 1 ahead of the Silverstone Grand Prix

At this time, the most important runners on the planet are in Great Britain, where one of the most traditional competitions within the calendar of formula 1: the Silverstone Grand Prix. Beyond expectations prior to this race, the organizers of the event fear that a particular situation will occur.

According to various information that emerged in the last few hours, the police received threats that there could be an invasion this weekend of competitions in the highest category of world motorsports. For this reason, the authorities of formula 1 security measures were increased.

Silverstone Circuit first came into operation in 1926

Tom Thompson, head of the event, stated that intimidating calls arose, so they have already scheduled a series of actions to eradicate these fears. Different close sources that are in charge of managing this world championship, indicated that it would be protesters who intend to make visible social injustices.

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