have started producing 3 nanometer chips


Samsung confirms that they are already manufacturing their first chips with 3 nanometer lithographs, using a new GAA technology that promises to improve energy efficiency by up to 45% compared to 5 nanometers.

With its proprietary Exynos 2200 chipsets already on 4 nanometer processes and with TSMC taking the colors out with its novel 4-nanometer lithography that has been shown to be more powerful and efficient, it seems that Samsung engineers have wanted to go straight to the future to start the production of 3 nanometer chipsno less, being the first in the industry to announce it.

They have also confirmed a few hours after the first rumors spreadpublishing a curious press release with infographics and images of the development team, in which they also present us in broad strokes a new node implementing GAA technology (Gate-All-Around) for the first time.

Samsung already produces 3 nanometer chips

The rumor jumps and Samsung does not deny but confirms: its factories are already producing 3-nanometer chips.

A new technology of which Samsung specifies some details, such as the node allows to apply the insulating material around the four sides of the transistorinstead of the previous FinFET in which it was only applied on three sides.

With the new ‘Multi-Bridge Channel FET’ (MBCFET), Samsung’s GAA technology implemented for the first time challenges FinFET’s performance limits, improving power efficiency by lowering input voltage, while improving performance by increasing output. current driving ability.

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They say from the Suwon giant that, according to their estimates, these chips made with the new 3 nanometer GAA process first generation can improve performance by 23% if we compare them with those of 5 nanometers.

But not only that, because the reduction of energy consumption is very important with up to 45% less consumptionsomething that our mobile devices will appreciate, reducing the chip area by 16% size more or less.

Already in the second-generation 3-nanometer processes these improvements could be amplified, even going so far as to offer 50% better performance than 5 nanometer chipsalthough for this there is still time with a development of several months or even years ahead.

Samsung already produces 3 nanometer chips

The evolution of Samsung’s chip manufacturing processes, in an infographic.

What they have not confirmed to us from Samsung is who is behind these first ordersbecause they simply inform in their note that chips of this type will be produced to be used in scenarios that require high performance and low energy consumptionplanning to expand its views later to many more applications.

Obviously they talk to us about mobile platforms, but These 3-nanometer chipsets for smartphones will also have to wait for reasons of availability and costs, obviously, in the face of a technology that is still in its infancy.

Some media, in any case, have dared to speculate that the first customer to order 3-nanometer chips from Samsung would be a Chinese company specializing in Bitcoin miningsomething that makes sense given the high cost of energy in mining farms and the possibility to compare efficiencies and performances with other processors when performing calculations on a large scale.

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