Fortnite has made these changes to Season 3 weapons that you need to know about

I can say, almost without fear of being wrong, that we have reached that point where we can see what new things are coming out of the recently released Season of Fortnite on duty without having to drown with tons of new content. It’s been a few days since the battle royale season 3 came to the game and the news thing is a bit calmer…or is it?

The thing is that a few hours ago the official account itself from twitter of Fortnite published an entry revealing us everyone a series of changes that weapons have undergone in this season 3 and that you have to know in order to be aware of which is better and worse now. I leave you with all the changes below:

  • burst shotgun: Now does more damage per bullet and more total damage. Accuracy has also been increased.
  • hammer rifle: recoil has been reduced
  • burst rifle– Damage reduced and spread increased
  • combat submachine gun: damage has been reduced

So there you have it: if the burst shotgun was possibly one of the best weapons in Season 3 of Fortnite; it is now an even more powerful item than before. I will at least head to any shotgun of this style that I find on the ground to be able to finish off everything that gets in front of me with a couple of shots. What do you think of these changes?

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