Faculty of Medicine offers low-cost antigen tests for Covid detection

The Faculty of Medicine Saltillo Unit of the Autonomous University of Coahuila (UA de C) offers the general public antigen tests for the detection of Covid-19 at a cost of $300.00 pesos per person.

On this, the director of this educational institution, Jesús Ángel Padilla Gámez, specified that those interested in applying this test can go to the Faculty from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon.

In turn, he recommended this test be done to those who have lived with positive patients for the virus or if they were previously in crowded places without seeking sanitary measures against the disease.

The Faculty of Medicine in Saltillo is located at Francisco Murguía Sur 205, Zona Centro. For questions or more information, you can call 844 414 9084 and 844 412 8095.

“Knowing the need that the community has and aware of the prevailing epidemiological panorama, we decided to offer the possibility of taking the Covid tests at the faculty as a service to the community. Even when the University is already on vacation, with the support of our intern doctors we will be providing this service », he said to The Herald of Saltillo.

«We are aware that we must learn while serving and serve while learning. We feel the vocation and responsibility to help the health authorities in whatever can be done to reduce the severity of the pandemic. The service will be provided as long as we have availability of reagents », he concluded. (OMAR SOTO / THE HERALD)

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