F1 2022 live: Qualy GP Great Britain LIVE: Formula 1 car race result; live ranking

Qualy live | Result Great Britain GP – Silverstone

Q2 | 09:45 | Verstappen is one second ahead of Checo and with 1:41.486 he already leads Q2.

Q2 | 10:25 | PREZ! Great time for the Mexican who is the monetary leader with 1:42.513.

Q2 | 12:00 | Riders race to set times before the rain intensifies.

Q2 starts!

Q2 | 15:00 | BEGIN Q2! With a light rain the first cars leave.

Q1 ends: Verstappen, the fastest and Checo advances sixth

Q1 | 00:00 | GO CLOSE! Latifi barely gets into Q2, while Checo finishes sixth in Q1 and Verstappen was the fastest.

Q1 | 01:42 | HAMILTON! The local driver continues to rise and is now second in Q1. Russell is fifth.

Q1 | 02:20 | There are just over 2 minutes left and Checo is currently in fourth place. Your presence in Q2 is guaranteed.

Q1 | 04:40 | ZHOU! The Chinese driver surprises with a great lap and turns to meet himself in the top five. Bottas is 12.

Q1 | 06:40 | VERSTAPPEN! With a time of 1:40.452, the Dutch took first place, while Checo fell to fourth.

For the rain at Silverstone

Q1 | 08:20 | CZECH, SECOND! The Red Bulls rolled again and the Mexican makes a minimal difference. Verstappen is third.

Q1 | 10:22 | GREAT TIME! Checo Prez spins fast and this time he is third with 1.43.803. The Mexican is widely better in the classification.

Q1 | 11:35 a.m. | Checo Prez did not have the expected initial lap and for now he is in 13th place. Almost six seconds behind Leclerc.

Q1 | 12:40 | Mercedes started solid and Hamilton was momentarily second.

Q1 | 14:15 | LECLERC! On his first fast lap he clocks 1m47.521s to take first place in the opening laps.

Q1 | 16:15 | All the cars take to the track on intermediate tires and will soon start setting times.

The Qualy starts at the Great Britain GP!

Q1 | 18:00 | Green light and activities begin in the middle of the rain at Silverstone.

The rain is present at Silverstone

08:55 a.m. | A few minutes before qualifying begins, the rain begins to make its presence felt at the Silverstone Circuit. The weather forecasts were fulfilled.

Keanu Reeves, the special guest for the classification

08:45 a.m. | Famed actor Keanu Reeves arrived at Silverstone to witness qualifying for the British GP. Go in search of his dog?

Max Verstappen and Checo Prez dominate free practice

08:35 a.m. | Prior to qualifying, Red Bull was in charge of climbing positions and showing its evolution for free practice 3. Max Verstappen and Checo Prez set the fastest laps and Leclerc stayed in third place but just slightly below Prez.

Good morning and welcome to the direct of the classification of the Great Britain GP 2022. From Silverstone we bring you all the details of the qualifier, where Max Verstappen and Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez will look to take pole position after a magnificent free practice 3.

Nevertheless Charles Leclerc wants to hit the table in the championship and trusts that the modifications made in your car will be enough to be consistent throughout the event. Secondly, Lewis Hamilton threatens to be among the first four on the grid.

A clear challenge for all the drivers in this classification will be the weather, as there is a threat of rain, so this qualy may be full of surprises. Don’t miss all the activities from Silverstone below.

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