control of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’, Logitech products, an iPhone 8 and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ movies for only 99 pesos

We have already passed the first half of the year and remember that this month we will have Amazon Prime Day 2022, so in a few days you will begin to see the content dedicated to it. Also, there are rumors that there will be a second this year.

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HSBC days at Amazon Mexico: from 5% to 15% discount on purchases from 5,000 pesos to renew your laptop, phone or tablet

amazon mexico

Some of these items from Amazon Mexico can cost less than 299 pesos or are imported from the United States, so to ensure free shipping and have next day deliveries In national shipments, we recommend trying the Amazon Prime service for a month free of charge.

If you have never bought from Amazon Mexico, not long ago we made a guide where we explained the essentials of this store. From how to find a product to shipments, warranties and returns.

Try Amazon Prime free for a month

Try Amazon Prime free for a month

Technology, a pair of power strips and a JBL speaker

Discounted technology products at Amazon Mexico

Smart multicontact with plugs and USB ports is on sale at Amazon Mexico for 386 pesos: additional discount buying two

Skullcandy Dime wireless headphones on sale at Amazon Mexico: so you can take advantage of the discount and buy two for 802 pesos

Acer Aspire 5 laptop at one of its lowest prices on Amazon Mexico: 11th Intel Core i3, Windows 11 for less than 6,200 pesos

Video games, consoles at a discount and a cooperative game on sale

Discounted video games at Amazon Mexico

VoltEdge TX50 headphones with a discount on Amazon Mexico: 50 mm speakers and long-range microphone for 279 pesos

  • PlayStation 5 – 12,999 pesos
  • Xbox Series S – 6,429 pesos
  • SanDisk microSD card for Nintendo Switch 128GB – 500 pesos
  • SanDisk microSD card for Nintendo Switch 256GB – 902 pesos
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – 2,139 pesos
  • Wireless controller for Nintendo Switch – 343 pesos

Xbox, PS5 and Nintendo Switch with up to 2,000 pesos discount at Walmart: so you can get the bonus by paying with HSBC cards

'Far Cry 6' for PS5 with a historical minimum price on Amazon Mexico: the Ubisoft game is available for only 304 pesos

Toys and collectibles, Rainbow Bride dolls and a Hot Wheels UNO

Discounted toys and collectibles at Amazon Mexico

  • Presale: Black Panther Marvel Legends Helmet – 3,399 pesos
  • Figure Black Series Star Wars, Echo from Bad Batch – 599 pesos
  • Figure Marvel Legends Retro of Psycho-Man – 259 pesos
  • Funko POP Batman DC Day – 199 pesos
  • Ecto-1 Ghostbusters by Mattel – 240 pesos

FunkoVerse Marvel board game with historic price on Amazon Mexico: less than 350 pesos with figures of Iron Man and Captain America

  • Board game The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition – 432 pesos
  • UNO Hot Wheels edition – 67 pesos
  • Rainbow High Jr Doll – Sauce Violet – 347 pesos
  • Rainbow High Jr doll – Skyler Bradshaw – 347 pesos
  • Control Game and Learn from Fisher Price – 159 pesos

NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro at a discount on Amazon Mexico: with 40 games including 'The King of Fighters' and 'Metal Slug' for 2,408 pesos

Movies and series, Dragon Ball Z tapes and the Despicable Me trilogy

Discounted movies and series on Amazon Mexico

  • Dragon Ball Z: The Last Z Warriors, Gohan and Trunks – Blu-ray – 99 pesos
  • Dragon Ball Z: Goku’s father – Blu-ray – 99 pesos
  • Dragon Ball Z: The galaxy is in danger – Blu-ray – 99 pesos
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Invincible Power – Blu-ray – 99 pesos
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Return of the Warrior – Blu-ray – 99 pesos
  • Dragon Ball Z: The fusion of Goku and Vegeta – Blu-ray – 99 pesos

Amazon Mexico is giving away 100 pesos to users for their first purchase from the application: so you can take advantage of the store coupon

  • Harry Potter Package – Blu-ray – 699 pesos
  • Scarface – Blu-ray 4K – 325 pesos
  • Bad Boys Trilogy – Blu-ray – 199 pesos
  • My Favorite Villain Trilogy – Blu-ray – 269 pesos
  • Package with John Wick, Sicario and John Wick 2 – Blu-ray – 269 pesos
  • Fast and Furious 9 steelbook edition – 166 pesos

Microsoft Store, all Mega Man and Red Dead Redemption games for Xbox 360

These are some of the best discounted games we found both in the Deals with Gold and in the weekly offers of the Microsoft Store.

In the list we will mark with an asterisk available games that are available with Xbox Game Pass. If they do not have this service, they cantry the first month for only 10 pesos


Xbox video games with discount in Mexico

Eneba, anime games and the Spyro trilogy The prices mentioned in the following list are the lowest of each game within the store, taking into account the reputation of the seller. All can be redeemed in Mexico

and also in several Latin American countries.

  • Games for PC Steam with a discount in Eneba Mexico
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy – Steam – 223 pesos
  • Monster Hunter: World – Steam – 200 pesos
  • The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series – Steam – 64 pesos
  • DMC: Devil May Cry – Steam – 47 pesos
  • Dead Space – Origin – 62 pesos
  • KILL la KILL -IF – Steam – 131 pesos
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission – Steam – 128 pesos
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Steam – 57 pesos
  • LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – Steam – 38 pesos

Remothered: Tormented Fathers – Steam – 21 pesos

In Xataka México Selección we publish the best offers in technology, video games, collectibles and other categories that are discounted in different online stores in Mexico. Product price and availability are subject to change without notice.

Some of the links in this post may belong to an affiliate program. None of the mentioned articles have been proposed neither by the brands nor by the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the editorial team.

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