Chris Hemsworth reveals when he will stop being Thor

Many fans fear that the Thor: Love and Thunder movie will be Chris Hemsworth’s last installment of Marvel.

In 2011 it premiered Thor where we were introduced to Chris Hemsworth As the God of Thunder of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the years it has been shown that he was the perfect choice, since he has incredible charisma and the actor himself has always been willing to exercise to the limit and in the latest installment he has reached the best physical moment of the.

But the question everyone is asking is… Will he make more Marvel movies? In a recent interview he was asked if he was willing to return as Thor and so he answered Chris Hemsworth:

“I love the experience, and have from day one. Every time I’ve been asked to come back, I’ve said: Absolutely, let’s go. I’ve been lucky enough to have different directors, writers and co-stars to inject different stories and energy into the movies as well. Until the audience, the fans, the Marvel gods say: No, we’ve had enough. So I want to keep showing up, since I love it. It is fun”.

With these words, Chris Hemsworth shows that he is not willing to leave the character, unless everyone thinks that it is time to turn the page.

The actor reflects on what it was like working on the first film and the fourth.

“There was a lot of nostalgia in Thor: Love and Thunder for me, as there was with the last Avengers movie. I’ve been doing it for ten or eleven years. The first time I played Thor was with Natalie Portman, and it was one of my first jobs, and I kept thinking that I was going to be fired, or that nothing was going to work, or that the fans were not going to accept my version of the character. And if she thought I was no good, or that I didn’t deserve to be there, or whatever.” confessed Chris Hemsworth.

The movie Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on July 8, 2022. While the rest of the installments of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe in which he has participated Chris Hemsworth can be enjoyed in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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