Betrayal of Rihanna. A friend collaborates with her ex

Rihanna’s fans can’t believe that one of her friends has betrayed her… and in what way! It has recently emerged that the model and singer Normani, who has modeled for the parades of Rihanna’s lingerie brand, ‘Savage X Fenty’, has starred in the new video clip of the latest song by musician Chris Brown, entitled WE (Warm Embrace). And although collaborations between artists are commonplace in the music industry, BadGirl fans have been greatly offended that Chris Brown was accused of violence for beating up Rihanna when they were a couple.

It all happened on the night of February 8, 2009, the day the Grammy Awards took place. Despite being a memorable day for most artists, for Rihanna it was a real hell, as her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, savagely beat her in the face and the rest of her body in a fit of rage provoked by a strong argument with the Barbadian. She managed to flee before the outcome was fatal, heading to the police to file charges against the rapper. After horrific images of Rihanna’s battered face went viral, the court sentenced Brown to five years of probation and community service. For four years, the Barbadian stayed away from her former partner. However, they decided to resume the relationship in 2013, but months later she moved away from him again, this time definitively, realizing that his violent temperament had not changed.

Now, the appearance of Normani, a member of the group ‘Fifth Harmony’, in Chris Brown’s video has awakened these deep memories among Rihanna’s followers, calling her a traitor for working with the abuser of her “friend”, since she was one of the first celebrities that Rihanna considered to walk in the presentation of her lingerie line.

Through the social network Twitter, Internet users made Rihanna a trend by criticizing the collaboration of her attacker, Chris Brown, with Normani. Some of the most prominent tweets about this ‘betrayal’ were the following: “Rihanna gives her a job and she pays her by getting involved with her attacker. It’s over for her,” said a very upset Twitter user. “There are people saying that it doesn’t matter if Normani is in the video because Rihanna already got over that years ago. What is going through their minds? That she is fine and happy does not mean that it did not happen, and we must not forget that he has more complaints, “said another Internet user. “Imagine being a fan of Rihanna all your life and what years then the deity himself invites you to parade and be the image of ‘Savage X Fenty’ and then you work with his aggressor? I don’t know, it feels like biting the hand that fed you and has always supported you, “said another fan of the barbadian.

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