Best beauty look by Zendaya, the Euphoria star who does her own makeup

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Zendayain short, it seems a fan of the trick good minea far cry from that of Euphoria in which, in the role of Rue Bennett, on the contrary, she appears pale and emaciated. Except for the poster of the series where his face is furrowed by glitter tearscreated by the now mythical make-up artist Donni Davy (which recently, in the wake of the popularity of the program, launched Half Magic, her make-up line). A separate chapter should be reserved to the hair: with them the actress loves to have fun, pleasing them with braids, extensions and chignons. Sometimes it amazes with very short wigs (he even tried once the mullet) that perfectly frame her round face and often experiment with collected that transform his long hair in a helmet.

One thing is certain, from the dress to the make-up, without forgetting the hair, all that remains is to take notes with every appearance. Browse the gallery below to discover the 20 best beauty looks of Zendaya.

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