Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting married? Astrologer gives clues to your future

Jennifer Lopez is a Leo, the same as her fiancé.  Affleck's scorpion ascendant makes Ben let JLo shine.

Jennifer Lopez is a Leo, the same as her fiancé. Affleck’s scorpion ascendant makes Ben let JLo shine.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They have starred in a story that, on two occasions, has made their fans sigh all over the world. Their first story began in 2002, when they met on the set of the film Gigli. Their love at that time could not come true because Jennifer was married to dancer Cris Judd, her second husband, whom she had married in 2001, while Ben had concluded a two-year romance with Gwyneth Paltrow, who said at the time, that he was not there to ‘settle down’. The romance between the two actors began in 2002, when Jennifer was already separated and was full of demonstrations of love and media exposure. At the end of that year, the actor proposed to her and gave her a ring with a 6.1-carat pink diamond. In 2003, a few days before the wedding, the plans were canceled and ended in early 2004. It was said, at the time, that media pressure ended their relationship. They went their separate ways JLo married Marc Anthony on June 5 and Ben married Jennifer Garner a year later.

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JLo and Ben were always in touch

Their marriages ended. She ´the diva of the Bronx´ she separated from the father of her children Max and Emme in 2011, while in 2015, the protagonist of Daredevil ended his union with Garner, mother of his three children. Some time later, in 2017, Jennifer started a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, a former baseball player and businessman, and Ben had several loves, one of them was the actress Ana de Armas. Everything seemed to indicate that the singer would marry Rodríguez, who proposed to her in March 2019. Their engagement was broken in 2021, it is rumored that due to infidelity, and although they tried to overcome it, their breakup was imminent.

At that moment Ben Affleck made his appearance, and two months after having finished with Rodríguez, the also businesswoman was captured by the paparazzi in Montana. The encounters became more frequent and they no longer hid their love for her. They made it official in July of last year and in April 2022, the actor, with a ring, this time with a green diamond.

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What did El Niño prodigio say about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship?

Months after announcing the return of the couple, the child prodigyfamous Dominican astrologer, told People VIP that she could be happy with the man she loves, but that it was not very advisable to marry. “There are people who cannot get married energetically, they cannot be committed and she is a free being… She can have a man, but not marriage, not commitment, not marriage”. The astrologer also mentioned on that occasion that both Rodríguez and Affleck are Leos, and that the relationship between JLo and Ben Affleck never ceased to exist, but he clarified that she was never unfaithful to her fiancé, “My beings of light tell me that they never left the romance, there was always communication.”

The Child Prodigy also mentioned that Jennifer sees the spiritual in the artist thanks to her ascendant, scorpion, and that fame is not a problem in their relationship. “When they see Ben Affleck and Jennifer they will see that the one who is going to shine the most is Jennifer, because the part of the water sign, which is scorpio, lets her shine. And Jennifer Lopez can dominate Ben Affleck more than Arod.”

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