Announced Minecraft Legends, a strategy and action game that will arrive in 2023

Mojang Studios has been through Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase (whose broadcast with comments in Spanish you can see in this link) to confirm a rumor that recently came to light: the company responsible for Minecraft has officially announced that he is working on a new spin off of the popular game of exploration, construction and survival, a project that will take advantage of this iconic universe to offer us an experience that they have defined as “strategy and action”.

For practical purposes Minecraft Legends -which is what this new game is called- is a Strategy game in real time, or RTS (for its acronym in English), which is how we know in the sector the titles that fit into this genre. During the Xbox event, not only has a first trailer been shown gameplay of spinoffbut it has also been confirmed that arrive in 2023 to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, as well as Xbox GamePass from day one of release (including cloud version for Ultimate subscribers).

what exactly is Minecraft Legends?

In Minecraft Legends we will control a character that can give orders to your allied units to guide them in battles where strategy will have a fundamental weight. Our goal is to defeat the piglins, some creatures that have come threatening to corrupt the Overworld. As you can see in the trailer, the traditional mechanics of Minecraft will continue to have a presence, as is the case with the constructionas well as the importance of biomes and resources.

The development of this project is carried out by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactivestudio that had previously worked on this license (in the canceled minecraft earth) and who recently published Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

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