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The tension increases as the places to enter the “world’s largest stage” are sold out. America’s Got Talent is back for the fifth week of auditions, getting ever closer to starting to shape the competition, getting the first eliminations as the acts that will make it to the live galas are outlined.

As we have already indicated in WORLDWIDE, this season is full of foreign talent, and even more so, unexpected. Original acts, never seen before, are ruling it all. The judges have decided that for this episode, in search of those special acts that are often lost in the midst of singing, comedy, dancing and risky routines.

British producer Simon CowellColombian actress Sofia Vergarathe german supermodel Heidi klum and the Canadian comedian howie mandelare ready to continue judging and selecting the best applicants who have been able to bypass the filters and reach the face-to-face auditions in Los Angeles.

Here’s a rundown of the most relevant things that happened this week in AGT Season 17:

Merissa Beddows

When this young student from the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music commented that she was an opera singer, Simon didn’t seem particularly excited. Heidi had the opportunity to interact in this act, in which Merissa would sing the always legendary song Somewhere Over the Rainbowwith his voice.

The 23-year-old New Yorker sent him a giant six-sided die, with the name of a famous personality on each one. As Heidi arranged, Merissa continued the song by playing Ariana Grande, her own grandmother (as a comedic foil), Stevie Nicks, Céline Dion, Snow White, and the ever-loved Siri.

Marissa nailed each of her performances, eliciting several smiles from Simon and having him admit at the end of his presentation that “she is very talented” while giving him a standing ovation. The judges loved her originality, gave her four ‘yeses’ and sent her through to the next round.

Nicholas Rib

A French magician came to do what Simon has been warning for several seasons not to feature on the show: close-up magic (close up magic). In the opinion of the British, it would be very difficult to try to compete against other magicians, and that everything had already been seen, but Nicolas Rib managed to dazzle the jury, proving that magic is still unknown.

The Frenchman magically used various objects, upping the ante as he made cards or balls disappear and appear from the drawings on the virtual table to the real world, and even managed to move a deck of cards with the shadow of his hand, always mixing the dimensions.

The most impressive moment was when he erased the image of the Eiffel Tower that had been static throughout the act, appearing out of nowhere a small tower that joined another unexpected figure of the Statue of Liberty, leaving the audience excited and excited.


A group of dancers and an engineer from Japan have been preparing for the competition for quite some time. The technician took about 12 years to design and manufacture tapes with LED lights that can be programmed to gel in any choreography. Once the lights went out in the theater, it was time to shine.

To the beat of Good Day for Dreaming de Ruelle, the group brought an act never before seen in the history of AGT. With perfect timing, the hopefuls gave a fascinating and original presentation with colored lights. “It was very beautiful. Very Vegas”, said Simon at the end of the complicated and emotional choreography.

“It was very fascinating. So delicate, so uniform. The colors of the lights, it was so reassuring. I was in a trance”, praised Vergara. “I forgot where she was for a minute. I thought she was at the bottom of the sea and I saw a jellyfish, ”Heidi summed up in reference to the quality of the presentation.

Jordan Conley and Connor Johnson

Sometimes it is the charisma that says it all. The Californian Jordan Conley had not started his routine when the public was already going crazy for his sparkling personality. His comedy act, in which his influence was reflected by the also humorous and very personal Kevin Hart, permeated the jury and the public, with references to his very strict parents and his hilarious gestures.

It was spectacular, there is something in your energyI think you have the whole future ahead of you”, said Sofia. For Simon, when Jordan imitated what is supposed to be the voice of his angry mother, it was the best moment, “I like you a lot,” she said. That is something that Mandel himself agreed by ensuring that he was one of the best comedians of the season.

Poor singer Connor Johnson had to take Simon ahead. The young Hawaiian, with guitar in hand, in the middle of his song, was stopped by the Brit who called his act “boring” and asked for a second performance. Cowell earned the hatred of the public, who supported Connor at all times and who was that he fell with emotion when the applicant improved his act by singing latch Disclosure, earning hundreds of fans at the time.

Mia Morris

A young Nashville native, very confident despite her mere 17 years, gave another very original and unexpected performance. Being accustomed to “one man band” acts, Mia Morris decided that with the help of her “feet recording studio” she would become the one-woman band.

With one of those loop pedals, Mia literally wrote a song on stage. It all started with a beatboxing, followed by the notes of a bass. Then it was the turn of the background choirs and the electric guitar, for the denouement with the lyrics of the song and the drums. But this girl does everything! And the judges let her know.

“I think you’re one of the coolest girls to ever stand on that stage.”, admitted the Colombian. Cowell, for his part, assured that everything was a bit chaotic, but said that it was supposed to be, “raw and real”. Simon claimed that he would rather see her (whom he called a “genius”) than listen to anyone with a “boring” backing track.

Chiko, Siegfried & Joy and Mr. Pants

As an act of risk could not be missing, we have Chiko, a Cuban resident in Spain (who has already had three representatives this season) who measured himself with new heights, reaching where no one had ever gone, much less with such a dangerous and balancing act. like yours, above the judges’ X’s on the ceiling.

Siegfried and Joy, on the other hand, are his antithesis. Two German magicians who purposely demonstrated all their tricks in a very comical way. Simon didn’t like them, he found them particularly “annoying”, but worse things have been seen on AGT. The truth is that both passed, with their comedy act that in the end did show true magic with the surprise appearance of Jordan Conley on stage.

Another original act of the night was the New Yorker Mr. Pants, a man whose face protrudes from the zipper of a pair of pants. It was such a simple act, like clothing jokes that literally had the audience and the judges laughing, and that Howie loved.

Lily Melola

Lily decided to bring a bit of her story to the stage, presenting a song she composed several years ago when everything was going well for her and she was living her dream: to be a professional singer. But her life took other turns, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she became her 24-hour caregiver, she lost her contract with a major record label and ended with the death of her mother. she.

Daydream, according to Lily, has taken on different hues throughout its 27 years. She was first a sign of her joy, but she became a kind of anthem so that she could continue on the path of her dreams. Not knowing if she was going to be able to contain her excitement in the middle of her performance, she took a chance anyway, showing off a sweet, angelic voice that charmed Simon Cowell.

Meola’s song was beautiful, and her story moved Heidi Klum to press the gold pass for her. “For season 17, there are always a lot of singers on stage. I pretended to be like, “I want to give someone else a chance,” Klum said. “But I couldn’t help it, because I really like you a lot. That’s why I’m going to do this. I’ll push the gold button for you. It’s you”, sentenced the judge to rain confetti from the ceiling and take Lily to the shows live. @worldwide

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