a huge talent

fans of Nicolas Cage we are in luck. His last movie The unbearable weight of a huge talentwritten and directed by Tom Gormican, is a wonderful madness, a feast of winks and references to the career of this actor as histrionic and excessive as he is great. Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage, what could possibly go wrong? Of course, those who are not fans of Cage, better refrain from viewing it. But those who are fans are going to enjoy like a pig in a mud. The plot is delirious, like many of the tapes of the protagonist of with Air, Face to face either Captain Corell’s Mandolini, and it’s tremendous fun. The best thing about the story is the relationship that is established between the character played by Peter Pascal and Nicholas Cage. What a great comedic couple they make, with amazing chemistry. The film flies with them at high altitude. Likewise, our Paco Leon He is sensational in his first film in English (although he also has a lot of dialogue in Spanish, making his Spanish origin very clear). The truth is that the entire cast shines in this delicious parody of metafiction. The film is not perfect, of course, but it has soul, heart, and ends up being much more emotional than one might initially expect. I left the cinema with the following thought: «I will surely see better films in the rest of the year, but if I like them more than this one, oh, it will be something really difficult». Then I remembered that this same month of July it finally opens in theaters Pig, the tape that placed Cage once again among the Oscar-winning actors, with critics giving in to his restrained performance and the enormous quality of the film, and I was calmer, wanting a new and succulent portion. Nic is back in style. But he had never left.

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