70 THOUSAND pesos to whoever has this 20-peso coin with these characteristics | PHOTO

The options on specialized sites on certain copies of banknotes and coins have been expanding on buying and selling sites such as Mercado Libre or Amazon, where you can find everything from old copies to the most recent ones, such as 20 and 50 dollar bills. commemorative pesos, which come to be offered in millions of pesos.

Now one of the coins that has caught the attention of users and collectors of this type of product is the one with a value of 20 pesos that was launched in April 2020 and belongs to the C1 family; Now it is offered in Mercado Libre by a user from Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico at 70 thousand pesos, noting that it is in perfect condition.

Commemorative 20 peso coin

Among its main characteristics, it stands out that on one of its faces it refers to the foundation of Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz in April 1519. It also stands out for having an illustrated boat from the 16th century, in addition to the Old Town Hall, which today is city ​​Hall.

This specimen also has legends that speak of this important historical event for the state with “500 Veracruz” and “500 years of the foundation of the city and port of Veracruz”. On the other hand, the reliefs of the coin also highlight the years “1519-2019” and the value of the coin, that is, 20 Mexican pesos.

It is sold up to 70 thousand

According to the Bank of Mexico, the composition of the coin is made up of a silver-plated alpaca alloy center, as well as a bronze-aluminum alloy perimeter ring, which makes it weigh 12.67 grams.

It should be noted that not all of them are sold in this amount, since there are some pieces like this 20-peso coin that do not exceed 35 pesos, while others are offered for between 10 and up to 70 thousand pesos; What makes them so special is that they are collector’s items and that few pieces were released on the market, and that they have not had a great circulation.


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