Victory and tables for Jazmín Donda, who is second

On the penultimate day of the XXXII Pan-American Youth Chess Festival 2022 (Swiss, 9 rounds, 90′ + 30”), which takes place in Montevideo (Uruguay), the Sub 10 from Rio Grande do Sul Jazmín Donda (3rd seed) was rehabilitated from the fall a day ago -in the 5th round- against the top favorite, the American Iris Lis, and got a draw and a victory.

RIO GRANDE.- In the morning shift, for the 6th round, the representative of Club Social y Deportivo Los Ñires took the white pieces and drew with Rihanna Rojas, from Peru. In the afternoon, the athlete trained by instructor Andrés Ortíz beat the Bolivian Mariana Fernández with the same color.

In this way, after completing the 7th round the day before, the American Li leads the standings, with 6.5 points (she practically already has the title assured). With 5 appear Donda and Rojas; the other Peruvian, Fabiana Jiménez, adds 4 units; while with 4 the Bolivians Fernández and Wanda Vargas (who yesterday started with the toe), and the Chilean Victoria Henríquez are in the column.

At 16:00, for the eighth and penultimate round, the main tables will be Victoria Henríquez (4)-Iris Li (6.5); Rihanna Rojas (5)-Fabiana Jiménez (4.5); and Antonia Lozano (3)-Jazmín Donda (5).

Donda, with clear podium expectations, has 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss (against Li). The contest will end on Saturday 2 (9:30).

Round 6 (Thursday 06/30; 09:30)

M White Black Res.

1 Arelit Arellano (Mex) Iris Li (USA) 0-1

2 Jasmine Donda (Argentina) Rihanna Rojas (Peru) tab

3 Mariana Fernandez (Bol) Elisabet Briceno (Col) 1-0

4 Fabiana Jiménez (Peru) Jimena Lugo (Pair) 1-0

5 Victoria Henriquez (Chi) Silvana Araque (Uru) 1-0

6 Wanda Vargas (Bolivia) Lucia Lemos (Uru) 1-0

7 Antonia Lozano (Col) Paula Torrico (Bol) 1-0

Round 7 (Thursday 06/30; 17:00)

M White Black Res.

1 Lis Li (USA) Wanda Vargas (Bol) tab

2 Rihanna Rojas (Peru) Victoria Henríquez (Chi) tab

3 Jasmine Donda (Arg) Mariana Fernandez (Bol) 1-0

4 Fabiana Jimenez (Peru) Arelit Arellano (Mex) 1-0

5 Paula Torrico (Bolivia) Jimena Lugo (Pair) 0-1

6 Elisabet Briceno (Col) Lucia Lemos (Uru) 1-0

7 Silvina Araque (Uru) Antonia Lozano (Col) 0-1

Round 8 (Friday 07/01; 16:00)

M White Black

1 Victoria Henriquez (Chi/4.0) Iris Li (USA/6.5)

2 Rihanna Rojas (Peru/5) Fabiana Jimenez (Peru/4.5)

3 Antonia Lozano (Col/3) Jasmine Donda (Arg/5)

4 Wanda Vargas (Bol/4) Mariana Fernandez (Bol/4)

5 Elisabet Briceño (Col/3.5) Paula Torrico (Bol/2)

6 Jimena Lugo (Even/3.5) Silvana Araque (Uru/1)

7 Lucia Lemos (Uru/0) Arelit Arellano (Mex/3)

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