Victoria Federica finally signs her first contract as a model

While the common mortals are already on vacation or not long, the daughter of the infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar just signed your first employment contract as a mannequin and it will be the next Hoss Intropia imagea firm that in its latest campaigns has had the Bertin Osborne’s daughters as image. “They are Eugenia, Claudia, Alejandra and Ana Cristina, known as the Osborne sisters, but above all, they are family and friends. Four exceptional ambassadors for the return of Hoss Intropia. They do not represent just one woman, but a multitude of them”, explains the brand on its website about last summer’s collection.

Victoria Federica carries giving it all on social networks for a little over a couple of years, and has earned to be one of the most famous ‘influencers’ of the national scene. It is not surprising that brands raffle it. Victoria has inherited the genetics of the Borbón and Marichalar, who are very tall, and the girl is 180 centimeters.

not miss a Dior parade, in Paris or SevilleY rubs shoulders in the ‘front row’ with divas of the stature of Rihanna. In addition, he has already starred in a magazine cover, such as the April issue of ‘Elle’, ‘The phenomenon Victoria Federica jumps into the ring’, for the one who chose a very bullfighter ‘look’. And it is that the granddaughter of emeritus Juan Carlos, whom he refers to as “my favorite person”it is a great fond of wheelswhere it can be seen almost as much as in the trendy nightclubs.

That famous pose, and also her first interview in style, was managed by her father, a great lover of fashion, and for which the young woman did not charge a single euro.

Now, with his new job, he is going to star in vSeveral photo sessions with her friend, the ‘influencer’ María García de Jaimewith garments from the autumn-winter collectionand they will also shoot some ‘clips’ at the beginning of next September.

a similar style

The style of the firm born in the 90s fits very well with that of Victoria Federica: high-waisted trousers, oversize dresses and jackets, earth tones… In fact, Princess Leonor’s cousin has already worn the brand in Any occasion.

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Her new stage of work takes place just when the 21-year-old young woman had started out as a bachelor, since broke off her relationship with DJ Jorge Bárcenas last springafter three years of courtship and when they had already gone to live together in the center of Madrid.

They say that they have recently been seen in a disco in an affectionate attitude, so it may be that where there was fire there are still embers.

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