Unrivaled home cooking in García de la Navarra (Madrid)

Pedro and Luis Garcia of Navarre. / Garcia of Navarre

Two brothers from Toledo serve game, stews and vegetables a stone’s throw from the Prado Museum. An incredible selection of wines tops off the party

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In the very center of the embellished and dressed-up heart of the most cultural, bombastic and monumental Madrid, is this family oasis without frills managed by the García de la Navarra brothers, who share the kitchen, bar and dining room tasks with considerable efficiency, ease and left hand. If you walk through the Prado area and walked through its rooms in search of drunkards, buffoons, portraits of Count Dukes on horseback, meninas and other fauna or spent the morning visiting the Royal Academy of Language, you were lucky to be received by some member of such a distinguished institution and had vermouth or brandy or a coffee in its Pasta Room, know that in the tavern that I recommend today you will be able to continue the party having a wonderful meal and reviewing the emotions experienced that same morning.

Garcia de la Navarra (Madrid)

  • Address
    Montalban, 3

  • Telephone

  • Web garciadelanavarra.com

  • Prices
    Green bean salad with foie gras: €24. Russian salad: €13. Manchego ratatouille with fried eggs: €17. Hake a la romana in tacos: €27. Tripe our style: €19. Pig’s trotters stewed in wine: €18

In the area there are newly opened hotels with overcoat valet, top hat and genuflection, old wide portals for carriages, convertible cars that raise the asphalt in their path and a Royal Botanical Garden in which you will hallucinate in cinemascope if you get lost in this weather blowout in which all the greens burst into fires of phosphorescent colors. The great watchmaker Losada is also around there, there is some high-end Galician restaurant with a flashy bar where they cut Iberian ham and serve cans of yummy and the fabulous Arrayán of right-handed Javier Cabrera is not far away.

But today it’s time to dive into a place that has always been God’s life, with its terrace, its bar, its dining room and a narrow kitchen in which they burn their eyebrows scratching the ass of the pots, serving delicious food, well cooked and in its point, placed on the crockery without boasting or daubing. If you want to eat without being told about the chef’s pirouettes, talk in a relaxed way, celebrate life, drink at your discretion, have a mixed drink al fresco and light up your Havana cigar without being told the murga, García de la Navarra is the place.

Thistle with borage. /

Garcia of Navarre

The two brothers know more because they are old than because they are devils, so they adjust the machinery every day to offer a well-crafted and resolute traditional cuisine, allowing all those producers and people from the market who bring them the best every day to the kitchen. material. And his clients dream in the office or in the nearby offices with those vegetables and fresh vegetables from Navarra, the best game pieces, carcasses of infiltrated Galician cow meat or fish and preserves from the Cantabrian Sea, while some other capricious person who spends the summer in the Bolonia beach or in Barbate, you want to put a good piece of almadraba tuna between your chest and back.

Lately I have observed that the suits and ties of the big cities look for affection and consolation in food, trying to repair the hours spent in traffic jams, nerves, haste and those moves that live in the offices, which are of horror movie of Stephen King or Steven Spielberg’s killer truck. Thus, they recover their color and come back to life with that fundamental food that our mothers and grandmothers used to make us, which sounds like cuddles and someone who was looking out for us all morning at the stove so that we can enjoy ourselves like wretches.

Russian salad. /

Garcia of Navarre

Artichokes stewed in sauce with their ham tacos, Navarra-style red thistle with minced parsley and almonds, roasted and peeled red peppers with lots of garlic, croquettes of all sorts and conditions, pickled or stewed partridges Toledana style, chicken broth and all kinds of legumes and stews such as lentils, white or pinto beans, wonderful clean or stewed verdinas with clams or whatever is necessary. They serve anchovies from Santoña, salmorejo with egg, fried eggs with potatoes, scrambled eggs with blood sausage from Villatobas, cod with homemade fried tomato or entrecote of yearling from the Sierra de Guadarrama.

I forgot to tell you that they are from Toledo and while Pedro dispatches the orders at lightning speed so that his people calm the worm, Luis entertains everyone with the appetizers and maneuvers so that we are perfectly installed and seated at the tables.

manchego ratatouille /

Garcia of Navarre

One demands his tobacco that is in his jacket, another wants a cable to charge his phone, the one in the back asks to be hidden because he came with the mistress, the lanky man on the corner demands another portion of ham because the mace is juicy and we all like it. The incredible selection of wines that they treasure, full of bottles from the community of Madrid and the best Spanish denominations, is amazing. Enjoy, we have two newscasts left

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