Tom Brady convinced Cameron Diaz to return to acting

Eight years have passed since Cameron Diaz participated in his latest film production entitled “Annie”, a musical dramatic comedy that was directed by Will Gluck and produced by Jay Z Y Will Smith. In this film, Cameron was the antagonist by giving life to ‘Miss Collen Hannigan’, an obsessive-compulsive woman in charge of the orphanage where the protagonist ‘Anne’ lives, played by Quvenzhané Wallis.

However, on December 19, 2014, the day the film was released, no one knew that it would be the last in which Cameron Diaz would act, since in 2018 her friend Selma Blair accidentally interviewed the “Daily Star ” revealed that Cameron had made the decision to move away from the filming forums.

“When you do something at a very high level for a long period of time, when you were the person who is fulfilling everything, all the parts of you that are not that, have to be given to other people,” Cameron said to confirm what what her friend had said and added: “It was a machine. But for me personally and spiritually, a part of me that functioned at a high level was not enough.

Although she did not include them within her reasons, Cameron Diaz married musician Benji Madden in 2015 and in 2019 they brought their daughter Raddix to the world, to whom the actress has dedicated herself one hundred percent, as well as to writing books and her “Avaline” wine brand.

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With all that, it has just been announced that Cameron will return to acting in 2022 with the Netflix feature film, “Back in Action”, which will co-star with actor Jamie Foxx, one of the main promoters for Diaz to return to acting. and who published yesterday a recording of an excerpt from a telephone call that he coordinated between the actress and the American football player Tom Brady.

“I feel excited, but I don’t know how to do it,” Cameron admitted on the call, so Jamie told her that she would add the athlete to her to guide her through the process, because he experienced a similar situation when announcing his retirement from the NFL and retreat shortly after.

“She was talking to Jamie and she said you needed some advice on how to come out of retirement. I am successful in retiring,” says Brady to a surprised Cameron who only manages to respond before the recording is cut: “Honestly, it’s exactly what I needed.”

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