To get firm buttocks like Jennifer Lopez we will have to perform this excellent toning exercise, to also train the quadriceps and inner thighs

Jennifer Lopez would have insured her butt for $ 300 million. A truly astronomical figure, but one that could convey the idea of ​​the great work that the American singer does to preserve her b side of her. The Puerto Rican-born artist, very famous all over the world, has made her butt a real distinctive feature. All this, however, is not only thanks to Mother Nature, but also to long and very demanding fitness sessions.

A complete exercise for more toned legs and buttocks

Even without aspiring to have Jennifer Lopez’s b-side, many people would like to firm their glutes. Fortunately, there are exercises that we can also do within the walls of our home, without tools.

One of them is the sumo squat. This is not the classic squat, but an even more complete exercise. With this execution, in fact, we will make the inner thigh work hard, also firming this area. Here’s how to do it, in a few simple steps.

To get firm buttocks like Jennifer Lopez we will have to perform this excellent toning exercise, to also train the quadriceps and inner thighs

Most of us will have heard of the squat before. This exercise would be one of the best for toning your legs and buttocks, great to integrate into a truly complete workout.

The sumo squat differs from the classic squat in the position of the legs. Just like sumo wrestlers, those who want to perform the sumo squat will need to spread their legs more apart. In this way the work of the adductors is increased even more, favoring the toning of the inner thigh.

Here’s how to do the exercise correctly

Assuming the right starting position is essential to perform the sumo squat well. The legs must be spread apart, to a greater width than the shoulder line. At this point it will be necessary to point out the tips of the feet, assuming in all respects the well-known position of the sumo wrestlers.

With your abs contracted and your back straight, you will need to go down by flexing your knees, placing your legs parallel to the floor. After that, you will have to go back up, extending your legs.

By also using dumbbells or other weights, you can intensify the effectiveness of the exercise. To add these tools, however, you must already be “skilled” and sure to perform the exercise correctly.

Furthermore, if we do not have a gym membership, we can also use simple objects that we all have at home. The important thing, however, is to be followed by a professional and to perform the exercise correctly, to avoid damage or pain.

To achieve firm buttocks like Jennifer Lopez in the long run, therefore, we should integrate this exercise into our fitness routine. Furthermore, with the sumo squat, we will also firm up the inner thighs, improving the general tone of our legs.

Pay attention to these recommendations

One of the most common mistakes when performing this exercise is arching the back. The latter, on the other hand, must always remain firm and straight, to avoid developing problems or pains.

Also to avoid these problems, it will be good not to use too heavy tools. These, in fact, would make us lean forward with the torso, another very common mistake during the performance of this exercise.

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