To discover or enjoy again: five unforgettable films by Diane Keaton

Dreams of a seducer

Newly arrived in New York, the personality of Diane Keaton caught the attention of many creators: among them was Woody Allen, who in 1968 called her for Play it again, Sam, a play that the director was developing for Broadway, and for the one that wanted both as protagonists. When in 1972 Allen adapted that work for the cinema (in what meant her first success on the big screen) she obviously included Keaton in the role of Linda Christie. With the subtlety that only an actress of her character could achieve, her presence is key in this story about a divorced movie buff who imagines Humphrey Bogart giving him advice on being a seducer. Thus, she ends up getting entangled in a love triangle with the wife of her best friend. All narrated in the tone of a comedy of intrigues, with a particular rhythm that ended up being the registered trademark of the rooter. In Dreams of a seducer, cinema is confused with reality, and the on-screen strength of the Allen-Keaton duo, (which would later demonstrate its power Annie Hall and Manhattan) was a great presentation for the actress.

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The Godfather

In the trilogy made up of the 1972, 1974 and 1990 films, Keaton played the unforgettable Kay Adams, perhaps the most important role of her career. With that interpretation she was able to demonstrate all her acting quality, since the dramatic arc that this character goes through is wide and difficult. She is about a young woman from New Hampshire, the daughter of an important minister, who at university meets her future husband, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), the son of mafia boss Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando). This is how his tragedy begins: being the girlfriend, suddenly he will not know anything more about him, because Michael must leave the country after murdering police chief McCluskey and “El Turco” Sollozzo, partner of the Tattaglia family, and rival of the family. Upon Michael’s return, Kay learns that she married a young Italian woman out of convenience, for the purpose of being named the new “Don” of the Corleones. The story goes much further, and in the three films, together with Pacino, they left memorable scenes for the history of cinema. Undoubtedly an unmissable.

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Annie Hall

This film in which Diane Keaton returns to work under the orders of Woody Allen changed romantic comedies forever. In our country it was released with the title Two strange lovers. Woody Allen wrote the script with Keaton in mind as his great muse, and ended up making one of her most famous films. In fact, he won the Oscars in the categories of best film, best director, best original screenplay and best leading actress in 1978. It was the first statuette (and the only one, until now) from the Hollywood Academy for Diane Keaton, although he got four nominations more throughout his career. Some of Annie Hall’s tricks have been honored over the years by many other filmmakers, such as breaking the fourth wall or using time regressions. In addition to Keaton’s wonderful performance, the performances of a young Christopher Walken stand out, who a year later would win an Oscar for his role in Michael Cimino’s The Sniper, as well as the participation of Paul Simon.

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Marvin’s Room

For her role as Bessie Greenfield, in 1996 Diane Keaton was once again nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars. The film also features the formidable performances of Meryl Streep, Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro. In the story, an old man is in the care of his eldest daughter, Bessie, due to a stroke he suffered 20 years ago. He has another daughter, Lee (Meryl Streep), who has moved to another state and cut off all contact with them. However, Bessie’s doctor informs her that she has leukemia and that she needs a bone marrow transplant, so the woman turns to her sister. But Lee, in turn, is busy with her 17-year-old teenage son, Hank (Leonardo Di Caprio), who is in a psychiatric facility. Despite so many years without speaking to each other, the sisters reunite and become involved, together, in her father’s care, while Bessi battles her own illness. An exciting script, with equally sensitive performances.

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Someone has to concede

In 2003 comes Keaton’s last nomination for an Oscar for Best Actress. Her fourth on her personal account. Although she didn’t win, she did once again demonstrate her knack for romantic comedies, with box office success after many years. In this film, she is a middle-aged playwright who falls in love with the boyfriend of her much older daughter. The man, during a weekend, suffers a serious heart attack and the responsibility of caring for him exceeds his young partner, so his mother, Erica, ends up acting as a nurse. At first, the relationship between the patient and the caregiver is quite tense, but as the days go by, Harry discovers in her many things that are missing in her relationships with twentysomethings, for which he begins to question her lifestyle. With Jack Nicholson as the partner of the great actress and the participation of Keanu Reeves, the film directed by Nancy Meyers allows this duo of veteran actors to display all their talent to give truth to the plot.

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