This is what Bella looks like, the only daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

TTom Cruise and Nicole Kidman They are some of the most famous stars in the world, so fans will be surprised to learn that their daughter lives a life SO normal as we do. Isabella Kidman Cruise, 29, has been living in south London in recent years with her British husband Max Parker and her pet reptile, but few actually know about her.

Nicole Kidman has bragged about her daughters on social media several times and has even thanked them in acceptance speeches, but many have surely forgotten that before making a beautiful life with Keith Urban, the actress was married to Tom Cruise for several years and with whom she formed a first family. Know the details!

Who is Bella Kidman Cruise?

After Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise in 1989, the couple quickly learned that they were expecting their first child. The actress was only 23 years old and was excited to become a mom, but sadly, she experienced a spontaneous abortion due to an ectopic pregnancy, and that left her struggling with “massive pain”.

“I know the longing. That longing. It is a huge and painful longing. And the loss! The loss of a miscarriage is not talked about enough. That is a huge pain for certain women.” She and Cruise would suffer another miscarriage a decade later, shortly before the end of their marriage and after they had gone through the adoption process.

But before this happened, Cruise and Kidman adopted two children together, isabella and connorin the late 1990s. Isabella was born on December 22, 1992, while Connor was born in 1995.

Kidman discussed her decision to adopt during a 2021 interview about the film “Lion,” where she played an adoptive mother, saying she adopted “because I had a vision that this would be my child. I had that vision”.

Bella continued to be raised by the actors until they divorced in 2001when she was 9 years old. After her separation, the little girl grew up within the Church of Scientology together with her father and her brother, which caused many problems with her relationship with her mother.

In fact, custody of the children was shared, but they they decided to stay with their fatherwhich is why they became devout Scientologists, especially Bella, who, with the encouragement of her father, completely focused on the organization.

Fortunately, beyond Scientology, Bella chose to pursue a career and chose art because she was thinking of becoming a screenwriter. She eventually pursued a career in makeup and stylingAlthough he didn’t have much luck with it.

After his father married Katie HolmesBella became very close to her stepmother and even started working on her clothing line. But after the couple divorced, the young woman lost her job and she started her own fashion company called “BKC” which she has been making t-shirts since 2018.

While her brother Connor didn’t completely hide from the media, Bella went under the radar for a long time. According to reports, she is a very reserved person and enjoy your life away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

However, what little we know about her is that in September 2015, Isabella Cruise married her boyfriend one-year IT consultant Max Parker at the Dorchester Hotel in London. None of his immediate family members were present on his wedding day and apparently he did not even inform his mother that he was getting married.

The ceremony was completed with the beliefs of Scientology so the idea of ​​having his mother there was not something that would have been well seen. Tom, however, despite his absence from the ceremony paid the wedding bills. As far as we know, her husband is not a Scientologist, but there is a good chance that he will one day convert.

It is said that Bella currently works as a hairdresser, but his passion seems to be illustration. He currently sells t-shirts, prints, and bags covered in his own designs on his website.

Regarding social networks, being an artist, she usually shares her art on Instagram, but suddenly she also uploads a photograph of herself where we see her with different haircuts and colors.

The young woman also remains a great believer of Scientology. In March 2019, she wrote a promotional email on behalf of the organization. She revealed that she had qualified to become an auditor (or someone who “audits” her classmates on her secrets and private thoughts). The content of the email is difficult for non-Scientologists to decipher, but Bella seems excited about a recent internship and encourages her co-workers to follow her example.

Did you know her?

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