They carry out preventive medicine week

The objective is to promote a culture of prevention in workers.

M of R / Diario de Chiapas
With the firm objective of ensuring the health of its workers, the Social Security Institute for Workers of the State of Chiapas (ISSTECH) held the week of preventive medicine at the Tuxtla Gutiérrez outpatient clinic, in charge of the subdirectorate of the Institute’s Medical Services.
The event was chaired by Víctor Manuel Cal and Mayor Castillejos, deputy director of medical services, who made known the relevance of preventive medicine in the daily environment of ISSTECH workers.
“In a concern of our general director, Marco Antonio Ordóñez Juárez, for the worker base, we started with the campaign of detection of glucose, hypertension, obesity and some metabolic syndrome, in search of mitigating risks in Isstech employees”.
And he added: “It is a model that we started in our central offices and that we are starting in our outpatient clinic, to later replicate in the “Vida Mejor” Specialty Hospital, in order to follow the instructions of our general director.”
For his part, the head of the epidemiology department, Luis de Jesús Zamudio, stressed that this is the second intervention carried out during the week of preventive medicine, since in the first instance they were in Central Offices.
For 2 days, specialist doctors were taking weight, height, blood pressure and blood glucose level, to the workers of the external consultation clinic, located in front of the Morelos park in the capital Chiapas.
In addition to this, medical guidance and timely detection of breast cancer for female workers and prostate cancer for workers over 50 years of age were also provided. “We are also promoting the use of life oral serum and antiparasitic as preventive measures. We are also asking the working base to go for a review of the mammary and prostate glands, in order to avoid any complications of this disease,” said Cal y Mayor Castillejos.

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