the war in the Court has begun!

After the breakup Shakira and Gerard Piqué they tried to find an agreement for the future of their children but in vain. So they decided to rely on expert lawyers to better deal with the situation in court. As reported by La Vanguardia, the singer is entrusted to Pilar Mañé while Piqué opted for Tamborero Abogados, who successfully managed the divorce of tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. At the center of the dispute is the custody of children Milan and Sashawho are now 9 and 6 years old respectively.

Shakira wants to leave Spain

The pop star intends to take the children with her to Miami: she wants to return to live in the United States for shake up his American career, who suffered a lot from his long stay in Spain. For the love of Piqué, in fact, Shakira she moved to Barcelona and between one pregnancy and another she also had to deal with a problem with her vocal cords. The artist allegedly offered his former partner the opportunity to see her children whenever she wishes, but the Spanish defender would be totally against it.

Piqué doesn’t want to be away from children

Piqué does not want Milan and Sasha to leave Spain, where they were born and raised and where they also have an excellent relationship with their paternal grandparents. In Miami, Shakira owns a ten million euro villa purchased a few years before the meeting with Piqué, which took place in 2010. Some time ago he decided to sell the property and then think again. Among his neighbors stars of the caliber of Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Ricky Martin.

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Shakira, Piqué and the reasons for the breakup

To date, the reasons that pushed it are shrouded in mystery Shakira and Piqué to give up after twelve years. There has been talk of betrayals on the part of the sportsman, of loans requested from the musician and never arrived and also of multiple misunderstandings and quarrels. Those directly affected, after the June 4 statement announcing the breakup, preferred not to provide further details on the matter.

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