The US will compensate FIFA with an additional 92 million dollars for corruption plot

FIFA, Concacaf and CONMEBOL have agreed to distribute the compensation to a fund (World Football Remission Fund) established under the auspices of the FIFA Foundation.

The United States Department of Justice announced this Thursday that it will compensate the FIFAthe Concacafthe CONMEBOL and other national football federations with other 92 million dollars for the losses caused for the plots of corruption in this sport.

USA already announced in August last year an indemnity of 201 million dollars for those entitiesan amount subtracted from the accounts of former officials involved in international corruption schemes that were prosecuted by the Justice in what is known as the “FIFA-Gate” case.

The case has resulted in charges against 50 defendants, natural or legal persons from more than 20 countries, for bribes and kickbacks paid by sports marketing companies to soccer officials in exchange for media rights to tournaments and events, as well as money laundering. that money.

As part of the process, which began in 2015, many of the defendants had to return the assets obtained through corruption, which the US Justice has liquidated and distributed to the victims, including soccer organizations that employed those corrupt executives who ripped them off.

“For much of the past decade, this investigation and prosecution have focused on bringing violators to justice and recovering wrongful proceeds,” US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace said in the note.

The FIFAthe Concacaf and the CONMEBOL have undertaken to distribute the compensation to a fund (World Football Remission Fund) established under the auspices of the FIFA Foundation and that focuses on the promotion of football for women and girls, education or humanitarian needs.

Of the 201 million dollars granted by the Justice, to which another 92 are now added, the organizations affected by the plot received an initial payment of some 32 million in August last year.

“It is gratifying to know that the assets recovered from the criminals involved will be distributed to groups in need of the money, and one specifically focused on educating and protecting football for women and girls,” said the deputy director of the FBI in New York, Michael Driscoll.

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