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the actor of Mission Impossible It is characterized by the devotion with which it faces its different projects. But there was one in particular that took things to the extreme.

Tom Cruise turns 60 on Sunday.
© GettyTom Cruise turns 60 on Sunday.

Talk about Tom Cruise and the way in which he becomes obsessed with the different projects he faces is obvious. But there was one project in particular that took everything to the extreme and surprised everyone involved, including ben stiller, the person in charge of carrying the threads of said film. Such was the devotion with which he approached his role that he even invested money from his own pocket to do it.

We are talking about Tropic Thunder2008 film directed by ben stiller and starring Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey addition to having the participation of figures such as Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, Bill Hader and the aforementioned Cruise. The film centered on an all-star team from Hollywood who traveled to Vietnam to shoot a war movie, which ended up involved in a real war with drug traffickers.

One of those responsible for the film was Jeff Mannproduction designer, who spoke with Look who I found about how was the particular performance of Tom Cruise by becoming Les Grossman, an unscrupulous studio executive who financed the war film. This character went down in history for the post-credits scene in which he is seen dancing to the rhythm of a song by Ludacris call “Get Back”.

It all started when they began to do the camera and makeup tests with Les Grossman. “I was doing this little dance. as you know, Tom I was totally involved, present. He watched the makeup test and had an opinion of him. He was in. ben stiller told him how much he liked this little dance of the empowered executive he was doing and they came up with the idea of ​​him doing it in the credits “revealed mann. So it all turned into an obsession.

+What Tom Cruise did in Tropic Thunder

As recalled by mann, Tom Cruise “He hired a choreographer, with his own money”. Later, “closed set”began to rehearse the musical number. “No one was able to get in for literally three days. They played that song but no one could get in to see what he was doing. We had to wait. had to cut because Tom I was going to rehearse and we were… They played the song at full volume. They did it in the same studio. They didn’t invite Ben. They didn’t invite anyone to see what was going on in terms of the trial. So the first time anyone saw it was when we shot it, right at the end of the schedule.”said the production designer.

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