The radical change of look of Johnny Depp after winning trial

What better way to start a new stage of your life with a radical change of look? Johnny Depp He surprised his thousands of followers on social networks after changing his physical appearance after winning the defamation trial his ex-wife Amber Heard; Thus, she put an end to one of the great problems that she had to face at 59 years of age.

The triumph of protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in court he has put him in the eyes of everyone, so each of his movements is closely followed by the media and his fans. And although he has tried to keep a low profile, he has not been able to escape from the cameras.

Along these lines, it was learned that he celebrated the jury’s decision with a spectacular dinner with 20 of his closest friends in an exclusive British restaurant. In addition, days later, she has publicly reappeared at a concert in Finland where she stole the attention of the audience for his radical change of look.

To celebrate the victory in the trial against his ex-wife, the actor had a radical change of look
To celebrate the victory in the trial against his ex-wife, the actor had a radical change of look (Photo: Twitter)

How does Johnny Depp look after his radical change of look?

Through social networks it was possible to see the new look of Johnny Depp. The actor appeared with bleached hair, sporting a rather relaxed look, wearing his trademark sunglasses, but with his face completely clean shaven.

The Hollywood star He appeared at the Helsinki Blues Festival, in Finland, together with his friend Jeff Beck, where he showed his new image. Depp’s new style has divided opinions among his fans, there were those who reacted in favor and others against.

Those who agreed with the “reboot” of the actor after the media trial that lasted almost two months, celebrated his change of image, ensuring that he took several years off himself. On the other hand, some fans did not take it well that he said goodbye to something that was part of his style.

Johnny Depp wins the trial but loses all this

Johnny Depp won the trial against Amber Heard, in a case that lasted more than two months and that everyone followed closely, becoming one of the most mediatic legal battles of recent years. Thus, after long weeks, the jury determined that the actress was guilty of the crime of defamation and she was forced to pay compensation of more than 10 million dollars to her ex-husband.

After the process, some Hollywood specialists have evaluated Depp’s case regarding his future in the industry and the truth is that the situation does not seem so encouraging for him. In fact, they point out that he has lost a lot; something in which the actor himself has agreed.

Throughout the trial, the interpreter stated that the accusations of violence by his ex-wife caused a “irreparable damage to his career path”. She explained that the article that the actress wrote, despite the fact that she did not mention it directly, caused him to lose a millionaire contract with Disney, which established the possibility of recording the sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

What are Johnny Depp’s best kept secrets?

never finished high school

Although Johnny Depp has an almost superhuman capacity for acting and music, the truth is that neither of these talents were learned in college. Before finishing high school he dropped out to pursue his dream of being a musician in his own rock band. And although he did not achieve his dream, he did become one of the Hollywood actors with the most cult films in contemporary history.

He suffered from depression after divorcing Amber Heard

In an interview with Rolling Stones magazine, Johnny Depp admitted that he fell into a “sharp depression” that took him to the lowest he had ever been before, seeing his love and financial life totally ruined.

“I fell as low as I could”said. “The next step was, ‘You’re going to get somewhere with your eyes open and you’re going to get out of there with your eyes closed.’ He couldn’t bear the pain in my day to day”he added in the aforementioned publication.

“I would soak myself in vodka in the mornings and start writing until my eyes filled with tears and I couldn’t see the pages anymore”explained the actor.

Johnny Depp can’t stand watching his movies

Depp is one of those rare cases of Hollywood actors who don’t like to watch their own movies. In the trial against Amber Heard, Johnny admitted that he had never seen “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, a film that led him to be nominated for an Oscar.

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