The peaceful new life of Winona Ryder: in love with a fashion designer and away from the spotlight

During the time she had a break from work, Winona discovered a new hobby: law. In those months, when he also settled in his parents’ house in San Francisco, the actress became interested in Constitutional Law and began attending Berkeley College as an auditor. During that time she also took the opportunity to study etymology and linguistics and visited Julia Butterfly Hilll, a coach and environmental activist who has lived 738 days on top of a 1,500-year-old redwood tree. “I climbed about 50 meters high and I endured with her at the top of the tree only six days”, he counted.

One of his great hobbies is collect objects of historical figures from different areas of the art world. He has in his house some bongos that belonged to the trumpeter Louis Armstrong, he bought the jacket worn by the actor Russ Tamblyn in West Side StoryLeslie Caron’s dress in An American in ParisClaudette Colbert’s costume in it happened one night, Olivia de Havilland’s blouse gone With the Wind and Sandra Dee’s bikini in the movie Tammy.

Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown, both stars of stranger things.

Christopher Smith

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