“The never seen in Madrid”

Already said Isabel Diaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid: Madrid is freedom. And no one knows more about freedom than Thorthe Asgardian god who has gone through being betrayed by his brother, losing all his people, gaining weight and a severe depression at the expense of Thanos and leave it all behind The Guardians of the Galaxy. We believed that the character played by Chris Hemsworth I’ve been through it all, but it seems Thor: Love and Thunder He will have to face something that Ayuso herself had not foreseen: meeting up with her ex.

And it is that in the new film of the god of Marvel the director Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarök) is not the only one to return to the saga. he does too Natalie Portmanwho played Jane Foster in the first two installments and who now returns not as Thor’s partner but as a renewed Jane and worthy of the god’s hammer to become The Mighty Thor.

Before the premiere of Thor: Love and ThunderDisney Marvel has not been able to miss the opportunity to promote the film and incidentally send a small wink to Díaz Ayuso in the form of a poster: “Two exes who meet, he has never seen him in Madrid“says the poster that can be seen on one of the streets of the Spanish capital. A message that has not gone unnoticed on networks either.

The wink of the new MCU movie to the president of the community has not taken long to spread like wildfire and many have even wondered if the poster was real or someone had manipulated it, but it was Marvel Spain’s own account that which has been responsible for clarifying that it is a real message.

A most ingenious advertising campaign, as much as the comments that have followed as a result of it. Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on next June 8 and he will do it hand in hand with the already famous ex-partner Thor-Jane Foster, but also with the return of many other characters and new ones such as the villain he will bring to life. Christian baleGorr the butcher of gods.

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