The film that reunites George Clooney and Julia Roberts – Good morning, Javi and Mar!

Isn’t it true that there are songs that, like smells, transport us to very specific situations or mental scenes?

Well, the same thing happens with the actors who immediately transport us to a certain film and that’s how they told us in ‘Good morning, Javi and Mar! Mar Amate has brought us the trailer for the new movie of one of the most famous couples on the big screen. This is the case of the tandem formed by George Clooney and Julia Roberts, one of the actors considered ‘most handsome’ on the planet as Javi Nieves has described him and the famous ‘Girlfriend of America’ as Mar likes to call Julia Roberts. Both have shown that they work like clockwork, as they did in their film debut ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ in which they gave life to a former couple as they will also play in ‘Journey to Paradise’ what will be the new comedy movie that will premiere on September 16 and that it will be the fifth production together to add to their more than extensive filmography.

Fans of the interpretive couple will have to wait a little longer, specifically until the end of the summer so that we can enjoy on the big screen how these two acting monsters bring us this peculiar story where they give life to a separated couple who meet again on a plane trip on the way to prevent their daughter’s wedding, a role played by the beautiful actress Kaitlyn Dever, famous for her role in the successful series ‘Ozark’, with a practically unknown future husband, something that will not do the ex-married couple any favors, who, united in the misfortune of the idea that this wedding is celebrated, decide concoct a hilarious and macheavelian plan to make sure this doesn’t come to an end.

The chemistry that Julia Roberts and George Clooney give off is more than evident even when they make marriage end, it is not surprising that Jodie Foster directed her movie ‘Money Monster’ having this charismatic couple in mind from the first moment to play a couple this time with a working relationship, he television presenter, she producer. It’s been 6 years since the hit movie was released in 2016, fulfilling the fantasies of their fans who since then wanted them to finally co-star in another film. Well, that day has come.

Without revealing too much about ‘Journey to Paradise’, produced by Working Title, Smokehouse Pictures and Red One Films, this film will delight the theory that second chances are sometimes good.

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