the eccentric spending and follies that left him broke

His talent for acting allowed him to classify himself among the most rented characters in Hollywoodalthough over the years it became clear that Johnny Depp he made a lot of money but he also squandered it wildly. His numbers were in the red and he began to suspect that his financial advisers had mismanaged his empire, but over time it was found that it was his own insane spending that left him almost bankrupt.

“One of my sons had to find out that his father lost almost all of his sons’ school money. That’s not right.” That Depp phrase slipped into the past still echoes in the present. It is that there are several North American media as well as some Europeans who realize that the actor handles himself better on the big screen than in the administration.

The luxuries, the eccentricities and the mismanagement were some of the aspects that ended his fortune. And while he cracks a smile for winning the legal battle against his ex-wife Amber Heardin parallel, he grabs his head when he finds himself in need of economically reinventing himself.

Your most stratospheric expenses



$75 million

In 14 residences

Depp always tried to live in extreme comfort and that was evidenced by spending on properties. The 14 include a 40-acre castle in the south of France, a series of islands in the Bahamas, several homes in Hollywood, apartments in Los Angeles and a horse farm in Kentucky.



$18 million

on yachts

“Money can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a yacht big enough to sail to it.” With that statement she confirmed her passion for boats that allowed her -among other things- to tour the Bahamas.



4 million dollars

Throw the ashes of a life partner

He splurged a fortune to scatter the ashes of journalist and writer Hunter S. Thompson from a cannon in Aspen, Colorado, a writer he portrayed in the movie “Panic and Madness in Las Vegas.”



tens of millions of dollars

in art

He bought around 70 guitars, jewelry and more than 200 works by artists such as Warhol, Klimt, Basquiat Y Modigliani.



10 million dollars

in friends and family

Over the years he supported several friends and family members, with the extenuating circumstance that he also invested 4 million US dollars in a record label belonging to a person very dear to him, but which turned out to be a failure.



300 thousand dollars monthly

in employees

He always tried to be well accompanied and advised, although those 40 people who followed him daily represented an important monthly sum of money. It mattered little to him, although in the long run it ended up taking its toll.

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