The column of the ex: No fake networks and accounts!

He had come to play the first of the Idol and the ‘peeled’ (19 years old) barely had an account on social networks; he was already married and his wife was extremely jealous.

But when he started playing as a starter, his followers rose like foam and he became a recognized player.

Things were going well, but the ‘likes’ and ‘I love you’ began to arrive, and from that game everything changed, because he became famous in football and on social media.

But the soccer player forgot a small and great detail: the one who did the accounts and put the keys was his wife, because he did not handle technology well.

Lady Soccer

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The little lady says that in a week the ‘child’ already had 3 girlfriends, 2 fiancĂ©es and 5 ‘bald ones’ with whom he intended to ‘hesitate’.

The debut as a professional player and the fame of “handsome” made him forget certain details and he did not notice that his wife was in all the plays.

Immediately the relaxation was armed in the house. First he denied everything, until the lady told him that he had the keys. So he couldn’t do anything anymore, she put him between a rock and a hard place just one Friday, before he left for the concentration, telling him: “You leave me all your girlfriends and you get out of social networks”. He had no choice but to comply with that demand.

The soccer player never imagined that his wife had captured the accounts of those ‘girlfriends’. And although he had created other accounts under the name of Ositobsc, he ‘paid a flat’, because they discovered him and everything came to light.

A month later the couple separated, because the player believed himself to be a Leonardo DiCaprio. Now he walks through series B without fame or new sweethearts, but with social networks.

Lady Soccer

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