The best movies of 2022 (so far)

By Matías de la Maza.

Best Picture in This and All Universes: Everything Everywhere at the Same Time

Movies 2022

The best of the 2022 movies has an overwhelming name and an ad hoc development to that concept. Part satire, part action movie, part existential crisis unfolding before your eyes, Everything Everywhere at the Same Time follows Evelyn (the ever-extraordinary Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese-American woman who struggles to run her laundromat alongside her a husband wanting a divorce, a daughter he doesn’t understand, and a conservative father.

In the midst of her monotonous life, an audit turns into an adventure through space-time when she is contacted by an “alternate” version of her husband with a revelation: her universe is not the only one. There are multiple parallel realities that are generated every time a person makes a decision. And an unpredictable force threatens to destroy all those realities, with Evelyn being the only one capable of stopping it.

Along with the little big pleasures that the crazy plot delivers (from the wackiness of some universes to watching Michelle Yeoh fight Jamie Lee Curtis), what makes the film an unmissable odyssey is its intense climax. Without spoilers, in the end the film is about what every film is, deep down: about the meaning of life. And how human connections are fundamental to trying to understand it.

Best Sequel No One Asked For And Ended Up Extraordinary: Top Gun: Maverick

There shouldn’t have been a Top Gun sequel. Less than three decades later. And more on top, that it is that good. Because Top Gun: Maverick not only pays homage to the original film, an icon of eighties cinema, but also surpasses it in cinematographic quality. The film, which marks the return of Tom Cruise to the role of Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, and the American actor (who also produces the film) shows why, even on the verge of turning 60, he is one of the last faces to be seen. he really earns the title of “movie star”.

Mixing 80s clichés in a self-aware way with Cruise’s trademark action sequences, Top Gun: Maverick is one of those movies for which it’s still second to none going to theaters.

Best bromance: The Weight of Talent

Movies 2022

A movie where Nicolas Cage, perhaps the most unique actor of his generation (for better or worse, depending on your perspective), plays himself sounds like the most Nicolas Cage concept ever, but one I might not put up with. a complete story. But The Weight of Talent, a film that works both as a satire and as a tribute to the figure of Cage, is sustained thanks to a secret weapon and that weapon is the Chilean Pedro Pascal.

Best known for stoic character roles, Pascal shines as a comedian in this story, where he plays a Spanish millionaire who is a fan of Cage and may or may not be an arms dealer. Quickly the chemistry between the two flows and the film ends up being not only about a protagonist, but about the friendship between two men. And why Nicolas Cage is simply the best.

Best millionth reinvention of the same character: Batman

Movies 2022

In the last 10 years alone, Batman has been played by three actors on the big screen (Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson), as well as more names on television, whether in live-action or animated versions. Especially after Bale, the character seemed a bit adrift. The new version of Batman, by the great North American filmmaker Matt Reeves, finally manages to revitalize the character with a film that decides to focus more on the detective side of the Batman (Batman walks more than he punches).

Although its three hours of duration does not make it the most agile film in the world, the version of the character, played with tremendous goth-emo energy by Robert Pattinson, and full of nods to film noir, show that there were still ways to present Batman without it seeming that the superhero is already exhausted by his multiple versions. Plus, just like this year’s best new series, it has John Turturro giving it his all. It’s on HBO Max.

Choice Animated Feature: Red

Movies 2022

What was once a Pixar trademark, presenting complex subject matter to a child audience, has been lost in some of the company’s recent films, with perhaps the exception of the extraordinary Soul. But, from time to time the company reminds us why nobody does animation like them. Red is one of those movies.

The story of a Chinese-Canadian preteen who begins to transform into a big red panda (best animal in the universe) when she feels strong emotions is not only a metaphor for puberty and menstruation, treated with tremendous empathy and care, but also about sisterhood and generational traumas. All set in a charming turn-of-the-century context, the film is set in 2002, a very different time and yet also strangely familiar to modern times. It’s on Disney+.

Best Fever Dream About Blood, Revenge, and Muscle: The Northman

Movies 2022

The Northman has one of the most deceiving trailers of any 2022 movie. Looking at the trailers, one would think that director Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse) was going to release his first blockbuster or his own take on a horror film. Marvel-like action. But The Northman, while it has a hefty budget, is much more unique and, above all, weird than that.

The story follows the Viking legend of Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), the myth that inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet and Disney’s The Lion King (seriously), about a prince exiled from his land when his uncle (Claes Bang) kills his father. (Ethan Hawke), and later returns as an adult to seek revenge and rescue his mother (Nicole Kidman). Along the way, he meets a woman who may or may not be a sorceress (Anya Taylor-Joy). And a real sorceress (Björk). And to shamans. And cursed swords.

It’s a crazy movie, but one that is refreshingly its own beast. He wastes no time convincing you that there is a lesson in all of this. Just revenge, a lot of violence and a climax with naked muscular men facing each other. It’s heavy metal made into a movie. And an unforgettable experience.

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