Technoblade’s death shocks the Minecraft community

The global Minecraft community, especially the English community located in the United States, has gone to sleep with news that has left them in shock and that has provoked endless dedications and comments towards a youtuber special.

technobladea famous and well-known Minecraft content creator who has developed much of his career in hypixelhas died at the age of 23 from cancer, specifically sarcoma.

The youtubernamed Alex in real life, was one of the biggest Minecraft creators on YouTube and the past August 2021 announced to his entire audience that he was suffering from sarcomasomething that did not prevent me from continuing to upload videos.

After a year fighting, Technoblade has not been able to overcome cancer and has died on June 30, news that his own father has confirmed in a last video uploaded to his official account where he reads a letter to all his fans.

In fact, the family has confirmed that their page with merchandise will continue to be active and will donate all proceeds to a foundation against sarcoma to help people who suffer and have suffered like his son.

The server hypixelone of the largest in the world, has dedicated a few words to Technoblade, honoring him with a statue and a tomb on the server and remembering him who will be one of the greatest creators and people they have had on their server.

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