Sebastián Yatra tells how he experienced Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars: and sitting next to Beyoncé

Sebastián Yatra has been the guest this Tuesday in the anthill. The singer, who has promoted his new tour in Spain, has also talked about his time at the Oscars, where he sang, and what it was like to witness Will Smith slap Chris Rock live.

Thus, he has said that he went three days before to rehearse his performance and saw that they were going to sit him in the first rows with Billie Eilish. “I was scared to test positive for covid before singing at the Oscars. Imagine, I’m dying, it’s once in a lifetime”, she continued.

However, the day before Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife contracted coronavirus and the composer could not attend the gala, so they rearranged all the chairs. When he went to the last rehearsal he saw that he was no longer going to sit next to Billie Eilish, he was still in the front row, but on the other side.

After the performance, he has revealed that he cried a lot because it was the “most emotional moment” of his professional life and he felt that he represented “all the people who speak Spanish” and his country, Colombia.

“I got off the stage, I hugged Will Smith, I think I gave him all that energy and there he reacted that way,” Yatra joked. “I also hugged Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz who were also there in the front row”, he added.

After that moment and already seeing the rest of the gala with his mother, what he did not expect is that the two people who were next to him would get up and Beyoncé and Jay-Z would sit in their place. “I greeted them and luckily she was wearing gloves, because my hands began to sweat,” she pointed out to everyone’s laughter.

″He told me he loved my suit, I didn’t like his that much, but I told him I loved it. And we live there with Beyoncé about the slap”, the singer recalled.

“It was something very impressive because I saw the slap and I saw Beyoncé’s reaction and I saw myself sitting there and I said: ‘I have to go tell this to the anthill‘”, the story concluded to the applause of the public.

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